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First off, I'm sorry if this has been asked before.
Is there an possibility of a mobile app for the forum? It may just be my phone but I don't find the website to be that well optimised for mobile. I understand if this isn't possible because of budget constraints but I think it'd be a really cool thing. Thanks.

What issues are you having with the web app?

There was code around for a android app somewhere that people were working on, but the web version generally works well so it's not high on anyone's list.

I remember them talking about this in an episode of the tek. From what I remember the reasoning for not having an app is that the website scales nicely enough to mobile browsers, in general of course. What's your issue?

E: lol we're falling over each other wanting to help here. haha.

I want in on the helping too! :D

@TheSven what issues are you having when accessing the forums on your mobile device? I've usually found it to be quite responsive and functional on my phone.

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Sombody should write some documentation on the different classes and functions for the code so the programmers of the community could contribute.

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point of having app is to save data. App wouldnt have to download css, js, images. Just pure data.

Btw forum content overflows when you resize it under 720px

There was one being worked on with NodeJS. Development stopped about a year ago. There should be a github link to the code in the link below.

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The forum has a mobile version. Only at ~500 px it overflows, but if you use a mobile device it will be alright.

Basically, it doesn't always scale well automatically. It's by no means bad lol I thought it'd just be a cool thing to have.

Well in reality an app is just a condensed linked version to a website with restrictions. Just make the forum a shortcut. I recall @wendell or @Logan talked about it in a video two years ago maybe?

Notifications would be the the coolest feature of an app.


Saving data is nice, but most devices will only pull CSS/Images when they need to be updated, otherwise, it uses the cached version. That and with Gzip compression, using angular-1.2.15.js as an example, takes a 729kb JS file and cuts it down to 182KB. Let's say you have a data cap of 2GB, just for shits: You would have to download that file 11,522 times to hit your cap. But keep in mind that you'd have to download 11,522 different files that were 182KB compressed to hit that limit.

@TheSven I've never had an issue with this across a multitude of devices. Android, iOS, different versions... seems to be working fine to me. If there's a specific device and browser that have issues, submit a bug report and the powers that be will evaluate it.

@Ethereal Yes they would, but at the same time, I feel like notifications from this site would cause me to have no productivity whatsoever. Anyways, I already get notifications from my email. I haven't set up a separate email address, but when I load up my desktop mail client, it auto-sorts all the forum emails into a subfolder.

I have email notifications disabled. But yeah all progress would be lost in the productivity space.

I have a script to enable and disable this line on my hosts file:

It gets bad, even on a desktop. I'm finally free from my PC Gaming addiction and now I've got this forum. <3

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LOL I had to do that with Facebook on a few company PCs because other employees had Facebook issues.

Well, there's a line for facebook on my computer just because I don't like "share on facebook" on every site I go to. didn't bother me too much, but I don't know if they're running code in the background or anything.

I feel like my hosts file is it's own little naughty list for websites.

i feel the same way about the "TEK App". while i would like to see and make a app for the win. phone. i double i will go through the trouble considering that the web mobile looks great and the functionality is everything i need.