Formatting Sata and msata SSD

Hey guys so I got a Sony Vaio T ultrabook and want to wipe everything on it and have a clean installation of windows 7 or 8. The only Problem I ran into is that whenever I boot into my windows 7/8 installation and get to the part where I may erase format partition the drives nothing shows up :( I did read somethig about the laptop having a sata driver and a msata ssd but couldnt find anythig else.

Sony Vaio T series svt14113cxs

You should have to find the drivers on Sony’s website, put them on a flash drive, and then load them in the Windows Installer environment. Somewhere when you’re installing Windows, possibly on the screen you’re stuck on, it should give you the option to import drivers.

Best of luck!

What drivers am I looking for? Thanks for answering :)

Can aonyone inform me on what drivers I am looking for