Formatting hard drive

Hello , I want to reinstall windows but when I put the disk in it says it cant find the user agreement, so I looked it up and says I need to format the drive and partition it, thing is Im using that hard drive now so how would I format it and partition it when im using it?

Sorry for such a stupid question..but thats how you learn I suppose.



i think they mean the complete full format, you can do that with special software (dariks boot and nuke) or in windows disk management. First off, you haveto format it, the full format usually takes up from 2-14 hours, depending on the size, speed of your HDD. 3TB one took me a whole day. Basicly you reset the drive to factory settings. After that, you partition it and done. Just use MBR if its under 2.2TB, and GPT for over 2.2TB drives.


But how would I partiotion in it when its formatted if im using it ? I dont have a spare drive, its around 500-750gb i think.


Thanks for the help.


ps I dont know how magnets work are they magic ? 

Get Hirens Boot CD, you can load different types of software from it, or run windows xp, 7 , 8 mini on it, and do what you need in there.