feeling very lonely and being okay with it. Anybody looking for friends might want to check out this video i found it insightful.

Do some of these.

And get one of these.

you’re right. I’m selling both, you wanna buy?

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How much?

When I started working remote fulltime, I would get this feeling every few weeks. Slack, Discord, and virtual meetings didn’t do it for me.

I started going out to a coffee shop an hour a week, and practising submission wrestling and boxing a couple of times a week. Made a huge change.

Diet and exercise, music, and reading help. But being around people is good once in a while. Unless you want to be a hermit, then you’ll just have to push past that feeling.

I’ve said this before for others. Go out and find a club, a church, a meeting group, a gym, a community center, whatever. Just go out and interact with people. You might be fine being on your own, but if you’re in a slump and trying to make your life suck less, you need to direct your attention towards other people, not yourself.

Wow that’s cool as hell. Boxing and wrestling are probably the best exercise sports out there. Non of the cross-fit stuff seems functional or fun in my opinion . It’s funny you mention music as that is exactly what i use at times of solitude, something about music helps me get in a “zone”. So what do you do when you go to coffee shops? i feel weird out and about in places like that, maybe because i don’t go to coffee shops much.

can’t interact with strangers, in a city like mine (nyc) people don’t appreciate strangers as much unless you’re in the club scene.

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Then you should find a place in your city with people who do. I guarantee you that even in a place like NYC they exist, you just need to go out and find them. Everyone’s a stranger until you talk to them. That’s why you talk to them. Listen to people. Go volunteer at a soup kitchen or something. Get to know the other people volunteering there. Find out if they have something they need help with, help that you can provide.

Forgive me for speaking harshly, but how many times have we had this kind of conversation here? Were it not for the fact that I have a fairly busy schedule, I’d have half a mind to drive down to NYC, drag you to a community center somewhere, sit you down and have you talk to people. I know it might be difficult, and it’s coarse of me to say, but you can only use social anxiety or shyness as an excuse for so long, and you can only use this forum as a crutch to a certain extent - neither will improve your circumstances very much in the long run if at all.

If you come humble, leave your ego at the door, those are some of the best communities in the world. I had the pleasure of training with the Machado brothers, and some Matt Sera blackbelts. Very open and honest people.

Music is a great relief. If you can play, it’s even better. Guitar and Piano/Keyboard are sufficient. You have YouTube which has millions of free lessons.

New York is a good area for meetups. There are LUGs and developer meetups if that’s your thing.