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Forgot win10 admin password


The Windows 10 laptop is connected with a Microsoft account and I tried to reset the account password online but the computer refuses to recognize the password. What’s should I do?



verify if it works at all by logging into hotmail on another device



Basically you want to crack your own laptop? Is that what your asking?
There are two methods I know of:

  1. fastest, easiest, quickest: just reinstall Win10
  2. You can edit the password file using Linux from a bootable thumbdrive. There is a utility for that.


I just scanned this article and it looks like what I have done many times in the past for people who sure who want to reset their own computer’s passwords.



Please observe that OP is trying to sign into a microsoft account rather then a normal local windows account. That article will not work for OP.

Check that the computer is connected to the internet, otherwise, the password will not update on the laptop. Also, as @kewldude007 recommended, try logging in to your MS account on another computer.



I have used this with good results. There a few tutorials that will guide you through its use.

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I am not sure if the login account was set to MS account but I did attach a MS account after adding a password for login.

Yes. The laptop is connected to Internet.



It seems like there is some misunderstanding as to what is actually happening; ie, the computer is connected to what, password to which account; can you describe with more detail? How exactly did it happen? What are you trying to achieve? Can you login to the computer as ‘guest’?



typical bypass methods dont work on a linked accounts password

you might be able to boot something like kali linux to use chntpw to enable the local administrator account



Oh I see, good to know. Thanks for the info.



OP was reseting Windows 10 password with Microsoft account.
As we all know,open this, then input the Microsoft email or phone number,after 20 seconds, get a security code to verify it and set a new password for Windows 10,everything is simple.
And OP is also allowed to use the third-party software:
With one of them the problem can be solved faster.

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You can gain access by activating the hidden Administrator account. Boot with Windows install disk and you can activate the Administrator account using a registry tweak:

or convert your Microsoft account to a local account with a bootable CD/USB:

Or bypass the login screen with kon-boot: