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RISC V or didn’t happen


CPU performance be cray cray in 2019

@wendell someone on the LTT forum got portal working in a vm a few years ago on a P7 or P8 machine.

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The mentioned paper

Reflections on Trusting Trust

Its a short read, 3 pages, so not a large time sink.


Thanks Eden, not that i really understood the code :slight_smile:

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Clearly you now need to go and learn C! :smiley:

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hmmmm Or - play Factorio :wink:


the code is just an illutration, you can understand what’s going on without understanding code.

It’s a demonstration of that time that they added a backdoor to the login program. They supplied source code to the login program and upon recompile, the login program still had a backdoor. So the compiler was the thing inserting the backdoor.

With the source to the compiler you can recompile the compiler… then recompile the login program… only to find the login program still has the back door, Even though the back door is not in the source code.

How? The compiler knows when it is compiling both itself and the login program.

This paper, from 1984, in the context of elliptic curve crpto weaknesses, if you are at all interested in technology, should shake you to your very core?

Think about the implications.




so i can build a server with this and make it impenetrable

I used to have a powermac g5 running honeypots and it was super funny watching the kiddies try to get x86 binaries to run


LOL… x86 little endian on big endian PPC haha… Well alright good luck with that kids…

Hmm so I think debian and rhel current run on it correct? OpenSUSE?

The cost man… phew thats a hell of a pay in blackbird might be worth it though… SO when do we get to liquid cool it HAHA

The performance isn’t that good for something that expensive. The only benchmark it’s really good in is compression. I’m guessing it’s not doing so well in the encoding benchmarks because those libraries or the compiler isn’t much optimised for Power and VMX/VSX.

I’m also very curious of the emulated x86 performance. I wonder if I could expect something in the ballpark of a first gen Opteron as far as emulated single threaded performance.

Pretty sure its about software optimization… Id like it to be given a chance… having a good competitor to x86 would be great

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Someone on the Phoronix forums did say something about compiler optimization

Well like everything these things take engineering time especially around the BSP and also the assembler optimizations etc


Simd is very weak on Power9 but it was almost working w/Nvidia Tesla. next power iteration will fix simd. I really wanna see avx512 on power lol

If you check our bench’s on fedora rawhide vs phoronix there are some notable uplift areas tho


I would love to take the next iteration with its mobo… put it in a Core W200 from thermal take and have my gaming PC and Workstation sci comp PC all in one! Assuming it could be done PPC will have a tesla or Quadro (prolly quadro)… Gaming would have a Ryzen Pro if I can get my hands on one… and a RTX possibly unless AMD wows

and GCC has been optimized for a third of a century and AMD64 for about 15 years.

Maybe once this is in the hand of the library and compiler developers, we’ll see better performance in those benchmarks where it falls behind. Hey, maybe this won’t be an issue once Power 10 is out…

To the tenth power!
I’m sorry, I had to reference that episode. So many power puns to be made.

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