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Forget it. I'm switching to BSD


My opinion is that all of them do… definitely freebsd for example has a dedicated security officer/team/distribution list.


It’s time :smiley:


Hi again everyone,

I was going to sit down and work on this this weekend but my brother and his girlfriend had an outing so he’ll be staying with us for awhile, and me and him have just been hanging out for the meantime. I don’t get to see him too often.

Thankfully, they finally broke up (she was an asshole to his daughter… I’ll leave it at that)… And surprisingly he’s happy about it :slight_smile:


same here and it was all i could do to keep from going ninja on all the jerks trying to show off by harassing others.
that and couldn’t stand the insanely loud music.

anyhow freebsd is a good choice depending on your taste’s
the vast majority of people starting linux today have absolutely no idea what they can do with it and are easily overwhelmed.
but thanks to people like us they gradually learn to work with it or give up and go back to win-hosed
one thing i can say it been a never ending learning experience with it.

keep us posted on your install :smile:


to me this is the best part of linux and bsd mind you I use slackware


Illumos inherits a bunch of stuff from Solaris, (zones for example - kinda similar to FreeBSD jails) but for the typical desktop end user, IMHO the drawbacks outweigh those benefits. Vs. FreeBSD you have:

  • even smaller community
  • even less hardware support

I honestly wouldn’t bother unless you want to see how solaris differs from BSD and Linux as a curiosity, or you have hardware that WILL work with it and want some special Solaris-derived feature.

As a desktop platform, the negatives above will vastly out-weigh the positives vs. FreeBSD (or Linux) IMHO.


I agree there, I have poked about with it and wouldn’t attempt to use it as a desktop OS.


I apologize for not keeping up with this. My life has been pretty busy lately. I had to sell my laptop to help out with Christmas and the SSD in my desktop ended up melting. Western Digital didn’t honor my warranty (not buying a drive from them ever again) so I picked up an SX8200 from Newegg but won’t get it for another 2 weeks or so (probably should’ve paid more and got the S11 off of Amazon for the 2 day shipping).

Plan on getting a Switch sometime which uses the BSD kernel which will probably renew my interest. The laptop I had also had issues regarding graphics. So I’m a bit lost there. Can’t do anything about it now. Honestly, from here on to the end of the semester my schoolwork is taking first priority.

My epilepsy has been holding my grades back because my medication sucks so much it’s hard to focus. I just took a week off because of how sick I got due to it.

I really cared about this experience and put a lot of time into it. At some point it will be revived but this month and next month just aren’t it.


Never mind, you have to prioritise what needs to come first. Plenty of time to come back to it, and who knows new drivers etc. might make things a little easier by then.


take care of your health first even with epilepsy. there are things you should do and be careful with.
for instance do not watch tv or game without a background light (never in a dark room)
keep to a healthy diet low in fats and cholesterol and avoid diet drinks and energy drinks
(my sister was a grand mall epileptic)
your meds may be a bit too strong! but thats for you dr to decide.