Forcing USB boot on keyboardless Nextbook tablet

Trying to force usb boot on a bricked Nextbook Windows tablet. It bricked during a reset of windows and now bootloops to logo and blank screen. Problem is that there is just one port and its a MicroUsb port for both data and power. Tried using powered usb hub. Plugging in various usb bootable media( linux, Win10, Wint10OTG, Win10Recovery) plus keyboard. With UEFI I have no idea how to get into bios to change boot order or any way to force usb boot. I know it's just a cheap tablet but there's likely nothing wrong with hardware and I'm really annoyed.

Had the same issue with a Mediacom Windows tablet and what you can do is hook up the USB hub and boot the tablet holding power and one or both the volume keys to enter some kind of configuration to select the device to boot from.