Force (or hack?) a *CONSOLE* game to use a different language

Long story short; I live in Japan. I can't read Japanese. I don't want to import the NA versions of games that DID get an NA release just so I can read the text.
I've only done some quick google searching (and mostly for specfic games rather than a broad search) and haven't found any information about this, so I was wondering if anyone knows if it's possible to either hack an english patch in or perhaps force the game to use it. I don't care if it gets my PSN (by the way, I'm using a Vita) gets banned - I don't use it online any ways.

--and not that there are many users on this form that are smart asses; but yes, I am learning to read Japanese now, but I am starting at ground zero, so it will be a long time.

and as one last edit; if anyone can read Japanese and would be kind enough to maybe translate some things for me that would be cool too (if they don't mind looking at the weird ass anime games I play). Frankly, I am too ashamed to ask my local friends to do it. But strangers on the internet is okay!

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Doing some searching on the net, it does not seem as if all games have an option for english text. And if it does, its only for the menus and not the in game dialogue and other in game stuff. One can set the system language to english, but that does not apply to games.

I know im not at all being helpful. But at least this post will serve as a bump. #brightersideoflife

Usually the recommended thing to do is setting the system language of the PS3/4 to English, but I assume you already did that.

That being said, some games just don't ship with all languages they were published as. It's the same here in germany. It's kinda sad, but nothing you can do about it really, except importing the english version.

But really, you shouldn't be embarrassed about asking your friends over there. You're already learning japanese, what more could you do. And if they laugh at it about it they're no friends anyway.

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For example; Valkyrie Drive Bhikkhuni got an NA release - so there is english text for this game out there. Obviously the Japanese version I purchased didn't come loaded with it. But if it was possible to perhaps rip the text from the NA game and maybe hack an english patch into my vita for the game that would be great.
I noticed that there are some "unofficial" english patches for a handful of games (VD:Bhikkhuni is not one of those), so it seems that there is the potential for applying these patches, I'm just curious if it's possible to get the official NA translation and apply it to the Japanese one.
Or, for example, I wanted to get the remake of Odin Sphere for my Vita - again, it's another game that got released in Japan first, but later received an NA release.
Odin Sphere is quite a bit more popular than VD, so I think it would be possible to find an English walkthrough or gameplay footage without commentary, but for the train ride, it would be a lot more convenient not to have to switch between Youtube and my Vita just to play the game.

Learn Japanese you weeb in denial.

Why are you in japan anyways?

Hm, I don't think so to be honest. As far as I know each PS Game has a specific ID and you can't crosspatch because of it (also they probably run some kind of file integrity thing, idk). If it were a custom patch you'd probably need a jailbroken Vita to run "homebrew" kind of stuff. I don't own a Vita though so I wouldn't know for sure.

Try using google translate to find a menu to change the language but if the game is only in japan it may not support other languages like english

I think most console game only contain the language's required for that region and select the one to use based on the console language settings.

A buddy of mine use to use a US proxy to buy digital copies US games will over seas. You could look in to something like that.

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In what part of Japan do you live btw? Just for the lolz

I am learning Japanese, I am a weeb, and I am here to teach English.

@geisterfaust - Osaka

Well, in general I buy most of my games through Steam any ways, where the game comes in whatever language your client is set to. But when it comes to console games I prefer having a physical copy. I could...maybe...probably just bite the bullet and buy digitally...had it not been for the fact that I bought a relatively small memory card size for my vita because I only figured it would be used for save games and maybe some minor DLC, not necessarily for downloading whole games on to.
Yes, I could probably buy a larger memory card....but....this goes back to preferring physical copies.