For Your WASD Host Consideration

So I'm sure some of you guys have seen me inquiring about the editing job on here before, but I also really want to cohost WASD. Truth of the matter is I have a lot more experience behind the camera than in front of it, so I've started this little blog thing to help develop my voice.

I've only got up so far and I think it might work better as a video script, but I figured there's no harm in my posting this here to get some feedback on my writing and maybe what you guys think I should tackle in the future.

Here's a link

I chose to talk about Bioshock because it has a pretty special place in my heart and I think Ken Levine is brilliant. In the process of obtaining my film degree I wrote an awful lot about films so I wanted to focus on something with a story that could only be told through a game.

Oh also, I'm using Tumblr right now, so any suggestions on a better forum for posting blogs would be cool. I don't have too much experience blogging so I'm not sure what's the best platform.

Right now I'm in the process of beating A Link to The Past and Super Metroid because I kind of missed out on the Super Nintendo generation and I feel like it's essential to have that perspective if you're going to do any sort of serious gaming commentary. Next on my list is the original Deus Ex, which I've started, but never finished.

Let me know what else you guys feel I need to knock out before I can be taken seriously as a candidate.

Create a test video-cast on Youtube, then post the video here so people can gain an idea of your video-presentation skills (and your onscreen fit with Logan)

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For the most part I think Logan only picks people whom he has developed some direct relationship with rather then just randomly hire someone whom he has not met nor regularly converses with.

For example that NZ guy (sorry forgot name) who helped with WASD while back had been a member for ages and helped out in the community for quite some time, he would still be doing WASD now if work visa permitted (he couldn't pay the extortion fees). Not really sure where he is now sadly (Scotland?) :(

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As Riddick has pointed-out: unless you've had prior interactions with Logan in the business-sense your 'petitioning' may be for nought.

There is well-worn adage to be mindful of: 'self praise is no recommendation', and this where a fine line needs to be carefully tread.


What the other people have said. Of course it is entirely up to the tek crew but, how do we know that we want to listen to you when you haven't put up a video? Being good at writing reviews and being an interesting host requires two different skill sets and being a good host also relies on charisma.

Why do you want the job to begin with, why not start your own thing? Are you looking for a piggyback ride to a larger audience? Do you want to rub shoulders or other body parts with Pistol? With Logan? With Qain or Wendel? All of them? You haven't really shed light on what motivates you and starting a petition strikes me as a pretty hostile move since the normal way to go about something like this is to ask the crew in private and show them what you have to offer them. At the end of the day the TEK is not an open democracy, so what good would a petition do anyway?. Petitions are usually used with an intend to pressure someone e.g authorities/companies.

my 2c

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First you need to establish a business relationship with Logan, the community has a certain amount of say in the goings on of TS, but final creative control (rightly so) goes to Logan and the other content producers. Having the skills isn't everything; Remember Jimmy? He had the editing chops but was let go due to creative differences (which is fair enough). So it's not us you should be talking to, take it up with Logan, with some sort of already prepped video pilot to show off your wears. A blog is one thing, but a fully researched, edited and presented half hour long (or whatever long) show is another. You have to prove that you can work with the TS vibe. GL mate, hope this was useful for something.

Well it is the audience ultimately that decides upon the success of the show. That's one of the reasons WASD originally went on hiadus. However he needs to get the crew's approval before everyone else's.

Yea exactly. It may just be me and a cultural thing, but to start out with a petition just doesn't strike me as the right way to go about it. Also part of the magic of a show like TEK is that it comes of as the love labour of a tightly knit circle of friends and not just a bunch of co-workers.

I don't think he should be totally dissuaded. If he can genuinely create good content, and gets on well with the TS lot, then there's no reason for him not to have a go at it. However, I'm just weary of TS becoming something like LTT, with a large staff of people you don't really know, making it hard to feel invested in the channel (but that's the struggle with any large channel). But a petition, as you said, is not really the way to go about it, TS is what it is because of the creative decisions made by Logan and the crew, and it's hardly fair trying to force those decisions with appeals to popularity.

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Precisely this. It is not my call to make either way. It just rubbed me the wrong way. What is LTT?

Linus Tech Tips

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Yeah, I was wondering if it was wiser to process this whole thing into a video first, but I know more content like that is the next step.

From the halfway point I was definitely thinking of it more as a script than an essay.

I definitely chose my words poorly when I said that I was "petitioning" for the job. I'm not trying to get a bunch of forum members to help me force myself upon the Tek Syndicate crew, I'm just trying to put myself out there and get some feedback on how I can improve my work. I have absolutely no intention of literally petitioning for any position.

I've worked as an editor and shooter for a long time, but that's my area of expertise. I have spoken with Logan and Jennifer and the biggest thing that's harpooned me in terms of getting the job as an editor is just the fact that I'm non-local. I'm currently doing everything in my power to save up money to move out west so that employing me can be a practical option for them, but even if they have no place for me I'm still going to move out that way.

As for why I want the job there are a mountain of reasons. I love editing, and I've got the skill-set necessary to take a substantial burden off of Logan. I have a ton if experience in the world of enthusiast-journalism and I recognize Tek Syndicate as something unique and special in their incorruptibility. I have a tremendous amount of respect for Logan, Pistol, Wendell, Qain, Jennifer, and the community they've fostered over the past few years. I want to help take some of the burden off of these people because I'm precisely the type of person who benefits from their work.

I want to work somewhere where I learn new things every day. I want to work for a group of people who foster a culture of intelligent discourse and critical thought. I want to contribute to what I consider the one of the best examples of proper enthusiast-focused journalism in the entire new-media sphere. I'm not trying to piggyback on anybody, my choice to try and develop my voice so I can host WASD has as much to do with me wanting to increase my value for these guys as it does with my passion for games.

I do need to start producing more content, but it's tough because I'm currently in that whole post-college homelessness period. I work just about every day and very rarely get off before midnight, after which point I can't really make much noise so recording audio is kind of tough. I'll get something processed and uploaded in the next few days so you guys can get a feel for me on-screen.


You would have been better off creating a video-cast of your presentation-skills first, and this would have given Logan, and his production team an idea of your abilities as a presenter for WASD.

Logan can only say yes or no to your application.


Where the hell did he goto anyway?

wasnt his visa up?