For what it is, it's enthusiast

Considering my options, going with a FULL AMD system, with M-ITX+; this is literally about as good as it gets, i have went through days of research, and only to findout, what i have it the best Money can buy if you ARE STICKING WITH AMD. 

AMD A-10 7850k @4.5ghz

FM2A88X-ITX+ motherboard from Asrock. 

R9 series Ram @ 2400mhz 8 gig kit. 

Coolermaster M2 1000w PSU.

512 GB Samsung 840 evo pro SSD.

WD Black 1tb.

Powercolor R9 290 with stock cooler, soon to be LC converted. 

and H100i LC for CPU.


considering my form factor, my powersupply restrictions, and actual Processor restrictions, i set-out to make the highest end M-Itx AMD system. and this was the result. i can experience up to 17% less performance in games that are heavily dependent on CPU.

Metro, Metro LL, and Farcry games have given me the most frustration, but as i play other games, such as Crysis 1,2,3 i have experienced almost the exact gaming experience as any other R9 290. i am almost finished purchasing my liquid cooling kits, and this post will be the 2nd, of third post.

the third post will be the entire system being converted into custom liquid cooling. i have purchased the Res, pump and the Block for the Gpu, all is left is radiator, CPU block, and then Fluid, with the tubing. hope to see some appreciation for doing what most think isn't practical. because practicality doesn't inspire tomorrow. 

First, there's no such thing as EVO PRO. You either have the Samsung 840 EVO or the Samsung 840 PRO. No "PRO EVO" just yet.

Second, you should also mention that you're using the BitFenix Prodigy in this blog post.

Also, you don't need 1000W if you just have a single GPU and a single CPU, even if they're both overclocked. The only possible advantage is going semi-fanless.

Furthermore, if you really wanted the best possible performance in mini-ITX form factor, you could have used the R9 295X2 liquid-cooled dual-GPU card, and replaced the H100i with the Swiftech H220X, and possibly added 2x 4TB WD Black Edition for the HDD (in RAID 1 or 0, depending on preference). Or maybe have added a second SSD in RAID 1 for extra performance and storage.

Now, all that being said, most things here do form the basis of a truly powerful AMD-based mini ITX system. And most of your part choices are really top of the line. I'm just nit-picking here.

looks cool dude. i would not mark you down for the overkill 1000w psu since it's also silver rated should save power through efficiency. 

+1 ... I like it ... a little overkill for ram speed and PSU .. but I like it!

For me it looks like the cpu is a bottleneck. Wouldn't it be better to cut down on the 512 GB ssd, to a 200, or 120 GB SSD, to get an FX 8350, and have a CPU that is good enough for the r9 290?

lol, how is the cpu a bottleneck? 4.5 ghz quad core a bottle neck?

The system, overall in it's current state, is a very good one. Just from an objective viewpoint the GPU is a bit overkill. It's for sure enough for gaming, but for editing and other stuff the system is not balanced.

I have not seen an R9-290  with a Richland, but I have seen a 780TI with one., The Richland did not reach %80, not to mention the %100 needed to confirm a hardware mis-optimization. Yes the Richland does seem strange in there, But the Richland is far from being a "bottleneck"  I also agree the PSU is too large to get peak 80+ efficiency, But I had always thought of that as icing on the cake rather than a top tier feature. 

Man that must be loud .



If you do then you are really good :p

On what kind of program was that CPU running with the 780ti?

please find an m itx motherboard that supports amd 8 cores or any for that matter and we will humor you.

there are, but I see that they don't even have the 970 chipset. So that is a bummer ofcourse.

I guess I can only say, that he could've saved money than. By picking up an R280, and saving on the power supply.

hahaha, i can't believe after how many times i looked over the draft, that i completely missed the pro part. yes, it is only a 512Gb evo. and secondly i actually have A R9 295X2 on order. my prior post was actually stating that. 

and i was not trying to save money, i needed there to be No compromise in what i was trying to Achieve. which some can call a Waste of money. but i had limitations. and for the APU being a bottleneck i stated that on certain games such as Metro, i was experiencing up to 17% lower Framerate than of higher tier Dedicated CPU's. 

and the High speed Ram, yes it is overkill, but on the end of the GPU in the Processor it was extremely necessary as compared to 1600Mhz, i was getting almost proportionate performance gains with higher speed ram. 


and secondly, My Gpu is set to 50% fan speed, and while is definitely a background sound, i use a headset to play my games, so i could surely ramp it up to 100% fan speed and be sure to not hear the computer. secondly, i have actually Bios flashed it into a R9 290X as it was one of the first 290's out of the Manufacturing line, and it now even identifies on my Bios as a 290X. and my thermal isn't even as bad as the initial release when everyone was saying it was 95C. i have CCC targeting a Maintained 95C, and when using furmark and valley bench, it has never exceeded 73C. which isn't bad to me. 

the third update will actually feature a New Case and a second SSD and HDD in a raid. so you beat me to it, but it was already a plan. 

and thank you guys for the laughs as well as the Constructive Critiquing. 

What a second. There was a noticeable difference with RAM speeds and VRAM speeds? Might have to mess with this myself, currently have a 2400mhz kit from g.skill plugged in.

A-10 7850K is not Richland. it is Kaveri. 

when playing games on the APU, yes. it was almost proportionate. but a few percent less. 

wasn't trying to save money. was trying to make the best ITX AMD build.