[For Wendell] I know you're a programmer amongst many other things, but?

How come you can never elaborate on things you are working on, you say you have a projects but never seem to say anything about them.

So my question is what do you do away from Tek Syndicate? are you a freelance programmer, work with large companies, or what do you do? and is that the reason you can't say much about things your working on?
Iv'e been wandering for quite a while, sorry if the question personnel, you can't answer for "reasons", or you mentioned somewhere and I just missed it.

Love your channel/s, keep up the great work.

Being a developer as well, I don't enjoy talking about my projects too in depth, especially in a big public like the internet. Sometimes I'm bound by confidentiality, sometimes by the fact that some projects don't end well and sometimes because it just plain does not matter or does not display my skill. Although It would be interesting to hear at least in general what he is doing :).

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Thanks, I guess that would be true. It's not very professional to talk about work, especially if it could cause problems if he's working with a company or something. Amongst the many other reasons that you stated.

(in my opinion he's either an agent, or a hacker, lol)

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I think he has his own company. I might be wrong though. Also you used your instead of you're in the title :p


Yea comes down the confidentiality, most of the time you either can't or won't talk about what your developing cause either it's new software or it's a competitor to something else. Either way means that it's important for your devs to keep quiet otherwise problems will just happen.

I think they want to keep his business and Tek Syndicate separate. They also might not appreciate @bigfil posting a link to it either. If it's something they purposefully avoid, there's probably a reason for it.

My bad I'll take the link off. Was pretty ignorant of me to post.

Probably a time traveler with secrets he must keep lol jk

He runs the matrix, hence the requirement for a million monitors.


I don't think they would mind very much since they posted it in their credits page. But yeah, just in case I'll just remove the thread/post.

EDIT- NVM can not delete the thread, just deleted the post.

Nice, so if he's running the matrix that means some one is entering it. I think it would probably be Qain.

I wear many hats and have a lot of lieutenants that I live through vicariously. Tek is my hobby, but I play as hard as I work. It is no big secret, but I don't like sharing too much, and I can't air too much dirty laundry on the internet if you catch my drift. When I'm on tek I'm "out with friends" and I don't necessarily want work stuff to be connected to that. That kind of thing. There's some overlap, obviously, but y'all are a motley bunch and embarrass me sometimes? idk what kind of answer you want lol.

A lot of the more interesting things do actually show up though it may not necessarily be connected with a client project. Some things are just amazingly boring that aren't worth the time it takes to edit and put together. That's why some of the videos are so crap like the monitor latency shootout or the one where we use dd to do micro surgery on a damaged NTFS file system.

I was once a programmer but now I'm really more of a manager, so my skills have dulled somewhat. Some days I do feel pretty awesome sending a team of crack commandos in to solve problems. Sometimes I don't always get the gig because I'm as unconventional as you'd imagine in all things. "No one ever got fired for buying Cisco" type things.


I think allot of people are curious about Wendell because there are allot of us novice students of the technical field have many questions. There is allot people that say that college doesn’t teach you anything, computer science vs computer engineering vs software engineering, etc. Allot of people want to know how you managed to get to where you are because people think it will give them the answer as to how to get a job in the technical field.
The ironic part about that is that you probably won’t say there is a definite path or even you took the best path because all wise men know they know nothing. If you claimed you had all the answers to such questions you wouldn’t have been wise enough to reach your point. A curious paradox and another reason people should read a little from Socrates.

Wendell raises some salient points about being both a 'programmer', and possessing management-skills as well; don't just rely on computer-science degrees, but management competencies, too.

All of these things.
What this guy said. I honestly have no idea. A lot of computer science, though, (and the scientific method) is being cognizant of how you know what it is you know.

to clarify "how'd you get here" -- I will just tell you what I did and it may or may not work for you. I have been working actual real jobs since I was about 13 or so. I worked through school and college. Around/about 6th grade I may have been very lucky in that I had a sort of summer job where I was a helper for a professor who taught at the stevens institute of technology in nj. He was a physicist but also had some type of degree in what would have been computer science before computer science was really a thing. He helped me learn how to teach myself and taught me how to solder, the basic language, some apple II assembler, some pascal, how to do cool stuff with hardware on an apple II (peek and poke, bitches) and that sort of thing. By the time I was 13 I was okay enough the local computer shop thought it was worthwhile to schlep me around with them. From there I got into more of the same. Lather, rinse, repeat. I never considered not going to college, but only because I wanted to learn more from very smart people. And probably only that because my mentor sort of laid the ground work for learning all that because I have always had this insane curiosity about everything.

Mechanical things satisfy me because it's apparent how they work visually and physically.

I also like books a lot and that has helped provide context and background for what I am learning. I tend not to be able to learn unless I have context in which to learn the new stuff. New knowledge has to fit in some how with old knowledge. I have to imagine the subjects as a physical layout and organize it spatially. I have been fortunate in that I have been able to surround myself with friends who can read a book and then become masters from the book from reading alone. I myself must take the slow path and experience the book instead. I do not mind though, it is an adventure.


Thanks Wendell, sorry I never meant to be a bother. But you're one those people who make you want to learn and expand your knowledge. Thanks for replying and I apologies for any inconvenience.

Can't wait to see more Intel Edison projects (as well as any more upgrades you add your Edison security device).

Keep up the great work I'll be watching, and stay unconventional.

Do you have any tips for doing so? I feel like I have a similar problem (not a problem just a way of thinking I guess?). I've been trying to get some lower level certs but have trouble as you said;

I read the books over and over but it never really "sinks in".

Maybe we could start another thread on this?

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