For TS Team: GPU render tests

Hi Tek Syndicate Team, I was wondering if you guys could make a render test video on Vray RT, Blender, Luxrender or some other type of renderer to see which new Gpu performs the best and in which software. Maybe some type of R9 290 - 290X (OpenCL) vs 580 (Best one so far) - 780 - TITAN (CUDA) test to see which one comes on top. As Logan says on most of his videos, a lot of content creators like to game on their PCs after work so it would be nice to see the cream of the crop "gaming" type GPUs doing some type of "pro" work.

Just in case you would like to try it out, I've seen some people using this model for Blender as a benchmark and it gives good real world Gpu rendering results, no stupid synthetic benchmarks.

First link in the first post.

PS. I know it might be too much to ask but could you guys also include some Xeon Phis doing this type of renders in the future?

Thanks for all the amazing videos you guys come up with. No need to watch TV at all when you have people like yourselves making great and informative content.

Oh wow, I posted a question kinda(different enough) similar to this 20 minutes before you. Anyway, for GPU OpenCL rendering, as far as I can tell AMD gaming graphics cards are out of the question until AMD fixes their OpenCL Driver.

Pretty depressing if you need to do some work now.

Ha yeah I just saw your post too. Man I was hoping to switch to a R9 290 for better rendering performance but after reading your post I got really bummed out. I hope there was a way to make AMD realize the potential of their gaming series gpus in 3d modeling applications. Most of us are a bunch of gamers anyway so WTH AMD!