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For those who want to remotely manage virtualbox


someone has come up with a way to do this, its called remotebox
its currently linux only, but you can spin up a local vbox instance with linux and run it from there…
this video claims to have remotebox running on windows :

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I might actually be able to use this for some of the work I do. Thanks for sharing!



you wil need the vboxwebsrv (name may vary) running on the machine running the virtual machines. i dont know how to set it up on windows, but in linux you need to create/modify a few files.

/etc/default/virtualbox needs the following (create if it doesnt exist)

VBOXWEB_USER=<user running virtualbox>

next create the following folder and chmod it:

mkdir /run/vboxweb
chmod 755 /run/vboxweb

next modify /usr/lib/systemd/system/vboxweb.service

Description=VirtualBox Web Service

ExecStart=/usr/bin/vboxwebsrv --pidfile /run/vboxweb/ --host=  --background
ExecStopPost=/usr/bin/rm /run/vboxweb/
User=<user running virtualbox> 

note the addition of --host , by default vboxweb only listens on localhost.

systemctl daemon-reload
sysemctl vboxweb restart

explanations :
/etc/virtualbox defines the user to run virtualbox and the host to run it on (if ran standalone mostly, systemd will toss a error if this doesnt exist)

next we create a folder for the systemd pid to reside, so we can change its permissions to allow the normal user to control vboxweb as opposed to root (more secure)

finally we modify the .service file to make vboxweb run on all interfaces (change to the desired one if you like) and run as the virtualbox user.

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