For this gaming build, 4670K or 8350

I have this so far primarly a gaming build, wanted to know oppinions on it and what ever u suggest to improve or reduce price without compromising performance 

Wanted to know ur thoughts on wether i should get a 4670K or 8350 with discounts they come to pretty much the same price and cpu boss suggested 4670K overclocks better on air (remember for gaming primarly BF3,4 and Planetside 2). Please state reasons for ur choice.

(ill probably get a asus mx279h for the display)


The 8350 is identical in gaming performance with any given Intel i5, more or less. Sometimes a game will favour one platform over the other.

The i5 has a stronger performance per core, but the 8350 has more cores. The additional cores will benefit you if you wanted to stream gameplay, or do any kind of editing. The 8350 might have its advantages in next gen gaming, which will be optimised for 8 cores, I am lead to believe.

If you are comparing the two CPUs, I would pick the 8350, personally. For the obvious multi-tasking benefits. If you view the platform as a whole, Intel have motherboards that are more feature-rich. So it does strike a balance.

I say grab the 8350, and pair that with the Sabertooth gen 3 motherboard. The reason I recommend this motherboard, is because it has PCIe gen 3.0. If you forecast the systems lifecycle to be greater than 3 years, I would definitely recommend having that increased bandwidth. It will allow for any future dual GPU upgrades, with these newer cards that require more bandwidth. PCIe gen 4 should be upon us within 3 years.

I personally use the 8350 and if you look at a vid the logan done a while back in some case, espically multitasking the 8350 even beets the 3770k

In 3 years, even PCIe 3.0 will bottleneck. Look at 2010, only 3 years ago, we had Nvidia 400 series cards, now we have the GTX Titan - a lot of performance change will be coming in the next 3 years, so PCIe 3.0 for "future proofing" is pointless. Get a cheaper 990FX board, like the Gigabyte UD5 990FX, or Asrock Extreme6 / Extreme9, and get more overclocking potential, versus PCIe bandwidth, which won't impact performance nearly as much as OCing can/will.

I don't thjnk the 8350 ever beat the 3770k, but it was within a few FPS, or even exactly the same performance as the 3770k. I could be wrong, though.

But if you do go for the intel option try get a SLI motherboard, it will allow for Expandablity with ur graphics later on...

Only if they get an Nvidia graphics card.

Taking PCIe 2.0 as an example, you can definitely saturate that with dual 7970s. However, it is only a slight bottleneck, which is within acceptable limits. If you were to use two Titans, that would be a different story.

PCIe gen 3 should still be good for the next 5 year, providing appropriate cards are chosen, and not overly bandwidth hungry cards. It'll be perfectly capable of handling next gen cards. It's worth recommending. Since, most people don't upgrade within a 5 year cycle.

It's not "future-proofing", it's going with the only really viable option for a long lasting system. Something that lasts greater than 3 years, as I said.

E.g not trying to run PCI 4.0 cards, in a dual config, on PCI 2.0

correction on your past comment, one of his intel vs. amd vids the 8150 beat all intel chips by 10 to 20 fps in metro 2033

I can believe that AMD is capable of beating the i7, but not by 20FPS, and not in Metro 2033. For such a demanding game, that is quite a substantial increase. It doesn't sound right.

I'd be quite interesting in seeing that video, if you can find a link?

I am refering to the video Logan done comparing the 3570K 3770K and FX-8350

sli or crossfire sorry brennanriddell

8350 FTW!


there you go skip to about 7:10 in and you will see the results

and correction its more like 8-10 fps sorry for over exaggerating things