For the record - F*** EVGA (Specifically Motherboards)

Alright. Besides the title, I am going to try to keep the rage down a bit.

So here is the order of things.

  • Getting parts to build a new computer.
  • Friend heavily reccomended the EVGA x79SLI 
  • Newegg showed lots of good reviews.
  • Bought it.

So here is where the BS happens.

  • Computer is not working.
  • Try everything.
  • End up figuring it out becasue the internet is pissed at EVGA boards.
  • So I call EVGA about it.

  • I get hung up on twice.
  • Finally get to a representative.
  • He goes through just about everything he can think of.
  • I get hung up on after I ask if I can get an RMA.

  • I google why the x79 SLI wont work.
  • Turns out all x79 EVGA boards ship with a shitty bios chip.
  • I call back.
  • I get told that the chip will be shipped to me as fast as possible.
  • Representative goes to talk with his boss.
  • Blatently tells me that he will be shipping it the cheapest way possible.
  • Thats fine. How long will it take? 10 days.
  • Fine I get it. I call back (10 days later) They havnt even shipped the damn thing yet.

  • At this point I just tell newegg about it, they apologize and give me free shipping on any motherboard. I get an MSI GD45 for 15% off too. WEEEEEEEEEEE


Main point / TL;DR  Fuck off EVGA. 

Anyone else have bad expiriences with EVGA or other companies?

EVGA was a dream to work with for my graphics card. The problem you had is that you bought an EVGA motherboard, and with the exception of the X79 Dark and SR-2, I don't ever recommend getting their mobos.

everything except the GPUs they make is absolute shit

Horrible price aside, most of their PSU are Enermax OEMs, so they are fantastic (some of them are)w along with their GPUs, but everything else? Shit.

I agree about the GPU thing. They were a dream handling that.
I think they replaced their support and manufacturing team of everything else with NPCs that have pre recorded responses and actions like frickin' support for my cable and internet.