(For sale) Splinter cell blacklist steam

Looking to sell my splinter cell blacklist steam code, If anyone is intrested please let me know.

thank you

any offers? 


Can you give it for free :D

Would you be interested in trading? I really want to play it

Lol sorry but no

For what game?

I have the humble bundle games if you haven't bought it already. If that won't work for ya give me a price and I shall consider it :)

lol i got them for a 1$ :P

lol ok, so what do you want for Splinter Cell? :D

Well im trying to save up for the x-star monitor so i would like to get some paypal money.

I meant what as in how much money lol

Cadams if you dont want it, im very intereste

Well im not too sure, on ebay i saw some go for $30-$35. So maybe a little cheaper than that? 

What is your offer?

I'll give $25 if you find that fair

sounds fair to me.