For sale R9 290 DCU 2- no cooler $150

For sale, R9 290 with no cooler, used in a watercooling build and i chucked the cooler at some point along the line. So selling as is, nothing wrong with it, just no cooler, so you would have to buy one 2nd hand or used for watercooling too. I do have a x31 nzxt cooler i would include for 20$ bucks, if you want to go the ghetto water cooling route.

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Just sent my friend a message who has been looking for a cooler-less card. Will PM you if he's interested.

Ok thanks

Hey does that include shipping within usa? Could you package well in an antistatic bag and buble wrap or something, and is there some sort of mounting mehanism for the cooler and a fan for it? Also what sort of clocks did you get on this?

Shipping is $10 to USA. Yes It will be packaged to protect it. I had it overclocked to 1100/1550 mhz. I was getting about 65fps in Valley Benchmark, just slightly better than an OC 970.

What sort of volts, power level? Also the radiator has a fan with good static preassure to push through radiator? ANd would I need to get my own mounting bracket?

max power level +25 MVolts. Were you looking for the cooler too? If you wish to purchase both I can include a G10 NZXT bracket for $20, then you would have everything you need, for $190.

NF F12 fan comes with water cooler

I'm assuming your price jump in title includes the shipping now yes?

Let me know, I have someone who wants to purchase just the card without the cooler, but honestly I would rather they all go together

Very interested in the whole package just wondering about power draw. YOu say max power limit on it to get that frequency and .25mv..

Yes, I think it may go higher but I like the keep temps 80c or under

K holdon just checking everything compatable :P

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NP homeslice, as long as you have room for a 120mm radiator you should be cool as a cucumber

K if you can package it well then will take it,don't want a great big box or anything because I need to freight forward it, and they charge by volumetric weight and also per parcel. If you can wrap it up good in a single parcel should be all good.

K, I will do my best to keep it small and in one box - lets move to PM's to finish deal to keep thread cleanish


SOLD, pending payment