For People with eyesight Issues

I can't be the only one that has trouble with eyesight, yet enjoys reading so much. I SWEAR this is not a trolling thread, or a 'selling software" thread. 

Years ago, I found my eyesight starting to get bad, I do love to read, So I went and looked for a vivable option to deal with the problem. 

I found and tried a share ware program called Ice Book Reader Pro. So I got a ebook, and gave this program a shot, You get the full version, but it has a nag screen every 20 min. 

I knew this program offerd to read it to me, but finding a voice that did not sound horrid was a challenge. I found "neospeech bridget" to be the best. Tried many other voices. Here is a link to her voice, just pick UK English female on the left side, She is the most realistic voice I found.

I installed the voice, which I found ":in the wild". and gave it a go. Ice book reader found the voice no problem, and have used it ever sinse. 

Now i was unable to find Ice Book reader Pro "in the wild" on the net. After giving this program a go for a few months, I bought it. 100 bucks and free updates for life.

So if you, or someone you know has eye sight problems, Give the trial version of Ice book reader Pro a shot. Sorry, but for now, It can only work in windows, and works fine in windows 7. I Purchased a pair of wireless headphones at wall mart for 50 bucks.  So now I can Listen to my book while I putter around the house. 

So for a 150 bucks, I have the ablity to have all the Audio Books I want. I can export the books to C.D. and probally turn that into mp3. So I am sure I could put it on a mp3 player, But I have not tried this yet. 

Not gonna bother telling you all the other neat stuff his program can do. Just need to download the share ware, run it though its paces, try a book or two, see how it works out for you. 

Just hope this heps someone with bad eyesight continue to enjoy reading.