For People Looking for Anime Recs and my Ratings

Here is a list of every single anime I have ever watched ever and my personal rating for them.


Cowboy Bebop - 10/10

Samurai Champloo - 7/10

Afro Samurai - 9/10

Angel Beats - 10/10

Black Lagoon - 9/10

Deadman Wonderland - Shit/10

Death Note - 9/10 first half then 6/10

Fooly Cooly - 8/10

Full Metal Alchemist - 7/10

Ghost in the Shell - 10/10

High School of the Dead - 6/10 (the boobs got annoying)

Naruto - 9/10 without filler 2/10 with

Neon Genisis Evangelion - 12/10

Paranoia Agent - 8/10

Shigurui - 10/10 (needs to finish the story though)

Tengen Toppa Gurren Lagann - 11/10



So, What do you guys think? Also post your own recomendations or ratings.

Also Trigun - 10/10

Gantz 9/10 (Ending sucked, 2nd season cancelled)

ok first of all there are quite a few websites to rating and giving opinions on anime. 

My personal favourate is 
It's awesome, there are hundreds of reviews and the overall ratings are decently accurate.

bonus points if you use Japanese Media Manager 

Bleach 10/10 in beginning 8/10 untill major fillers started then 3/10 till cancelation 

English Subbed or dubbed ?

Deadman Wonderland was awesome for me i have it as one of my top favourate 

Hellsing 9/10

Elfen Leid 7/10

Gosick - 12/10 A glorious mysterie anime that made me cry with joy.


 More to be added. About a shit ton to be added. Enjoy my reviews.

My List Here it is not complete, It is maybe a 1/3 done..Once I get my room/office set up I will try to complete it..Many anime will still fall through the cracks..

I usually find that looking at average scores is way more productive than someone else's grades. Even your own taste changes significantly over time, how can you trust someone else's?

darker than black - season 1 - 10/10 flawless victory - season 2 - 5/10, people say it was horrible, it's not horrible unless you're comparing it to the first season

That is the exact reason I quit rating my anime in the

Bleach was 9/10 japanese anime, manga was better its a 9.5/10

ok, dont harass me for this but the High School DxD(minus the tits) has some really interesting religious and  mythological references. I am talking about the light novel.

High School DxD light novel is a 10/10

Ghost in the Shell is 12/10 manga and anime

Attack on Titan is 7-8/10 now

Naruto is 5/10 will maybe raise it but they ripped on flame of recca, I dont care if its based in similar lore it has too much in common

Fist of the North Star is 11/10

Legend of the Dark King 8/10

Gasaraki is 10/10

Gantz is 8/10 anime 9/10 manga

Queens blade is 3/10

Ikki Tousen is 3/10 (tissue clothing pissed me off)

I have watched at least 50 shows and will make another thread reviewing them and giving my rating. I am too lazy to post any more now. 


Well, I rate stuff for myself. I love numbers.