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Hey Logan, Qain, Wendell, and Pistol. The show, website, and community are awesome. Been watching for a year now, keep up the great work! Now for my question(s) and I apologize for the length. I am currently going to college for animation and game design, and on the side I want to try my hand at writing books.(Fantasy fiction, science fiction, regular fiction) I am not the most skilled writer ever, for just knowing some of the basics I think I'm alright. I know that Logan has read a lot of books during his life, and I'm sure that the rest of the Tek crew have as well. What I am asking is what are some tips, tricks, really cool things, styles, etc. that authors do that you like? How many words(by the thousand) a good chapter should have? I have plenty of ideas and material written down already, it is just keeping the flow of content going and finishing each project. Now after a book is finished, how do I publish the book? Is it easier to publish digitally as far as cost? How would I get it copyrighted? And what if I had one book that is focused in an already established franchise? Lets say Elder Scrolls for example. How would I go about doing that, who would I need to talk to? How do I keep it as mine, and not get squished under the corporations thumb while they take my work? Basically how does a 20 year old college student make it as an author is what I am asking. Im sure there are plenty of other people out there wondering the same. I could scour the internet for answers but this is a much cooler way. Thank you for reading this (i hope you are reading this) I look forward to a response. Keep geeking out. If this gets featured on Inbox, that would make me extremely happy, and if not that is alright too.

P.S. If someone were to write an Elder Scrolls novel, how would you guys imagine it? What would you like to see/read in it? Thanks again! Peace! 

I Know I am not Quain, Wendell, Pistol, Logan, or the Antlered Bear (Antlered Bear being a proper noun)

1. There's one piece of advice, or core philosophy, that most professional writers/authors will give you: write a lot, write what you love, and write what you know, but above all read a lot.

2. This section is personal opinion... so yah...

                Please refrain from using other peoples works, or even real world history (specifically large events, ie WW2), as a starting point (unless you're Tolstoy, then carry on). For me the appearance of the setting is of a cop-out on making lore. Disregard all of my previous statements in pt. 2 if you A: don't care, or B: are just writing an online fan-fic for free, then I do not care, it is free fan-fic.


* I have no actual experience in this industry, but I have aggregated knowledge on the workings of this beast *

Q:Tricks and style?

A: Your own.

Q:How many words a chapter?

A: As many as needed.

Q:' I have plenty of ideas and material written down already, it is just keeping the flow of content going and finishing each project.'

A: That is a statement.

Q:How do I publish a book?

A:i) In a book: With extreme effort (letters to agents because editors will not give you, an unknown, the time of day).

ii)In an ebook format: I'm not sure (would hazard a guess that some companies may charge a formatting fee (be it in using software or having them do it)).

Q:How would I get it copyrighted?

A:With proof that it is indeed your original content, and a Lawyer (if it is not based on anything).

Q:What if it is indeed fan-fic?

A:Licensing and talking to the creator (In this case Bethesda) if you intend to have it formally punlished.

Q:Who would I talk to?

A:i) In regards to the slightly aged papyrus rolls? Who ever you can that is slightly important.

   ii) Publishing? An agent, or even a publisher, if you're lucky.

Q:How do I keep it as mine?

A:Copyright and/or licensing.

Q:Is an ebook cheaper?

A: Well the setup is a little different, but the cut out of your end gains is less. Primarily ebook distributors may not like 'indies', or charge you a fee; whereas, an ink and paper route will take more of a cut due to publishing costs but may not need an upfront fee(they may charge for editing and the like).

Q: How can a 20 something college student make it as an author?

A: joke answer: By being a prodigy.

Reality: The first one will not be for profit, post for free anywhere as a link to a download (Deviant Art, Tumblr, your Blogger, your Wordpress etc.) Also include a little snippet in the same article as your download. Alternatively/additively word of mouth via friends and family using a fore mentioned method or physical printouts..

Last Thoughts.

Write a lot, do not stop.

Hope this helped.

p.s. If there is errors or erroneous thinking/remembering, I apologize and will attempt to expunge ignorance from myself.


Thank you. And I forgive you for not being Qain, Wendell, Pistol, Logan, or the Antlered Bear. lmao! I really appreciate the response. Answered pretty much everything I asked. However, it would still be awesome to get the syndicates' opinion on this(featured in a video hopefully) just for the hell of it. So let's all keep the comments coming so they all can see! In the next few years, be on the lookout for sci fi novels from me. monsters and robots probably going to be a specialty. First one will be posted here on the site for everyone to see for free.

cool cool. Have fun, and good luck.

Every writen book is based on true story. Anyway, it is a question for TS team :).

Thank you


Every great (est) books you read are based on true story, and writers usually change the roles, so that large majority of those who read it can't recognize it. That is true, trust me :).

gotcha. i do have a true story in mind, but i have some other projects that need to be finished while the material is fresh in my head.

I apologize for bumping, but here is something for you (not my video).

Often, people tend to look at msot famous Artists and books, but, often, they miss wonderful "unnoticable" (at least in wide sense) authors (people). Maybe (and take this advice with reserve), you should look at that sort of thing.

Again, my aplogize for bumping.