For Logan and Wendell - Room/Office Decoration

Just a question for both of you guys. Sorry if this has been mentioned in an earlier video or somewhere else, but how do you decorate your personal gaming area/office/bedroom. 

If you had in your bedroom your bed/couch/something and a desk for gaming, and nothing else but plain walls, where would you go about getting decorations for the walls and desk and the color schemes for everything. How would./do you personally theme your room.?

Anything specific or just generic posters/lights/etc?

I'm just wondering about decorations that would make for a good PC gaming room. and make it look "cool".

Also if anyone else has any suggestions or their room setup that would be nice.

ooh.Ok I have been thinking about this myself for my room...I will tell you my idea for me..1st my favorite colors are red (because it is the color of all humans internally) and black (because its black)..I plan on painting my room a bone yellowish white, and then stenciling a variety or skulls, you know small ones large ones normal ones maybe some predator ones and some greys aliens in red..Then running red leds everywhere so when I turn them on the red should turn to white and the white to red..After I quit drinking (when I got into computers), my mom would say you need to get out of that cave of a room..Yes, I lived with my mom now she lives with me..But after this she will not be able to call it a cave, and if she does i will corrector her and say  "its not a cave, it is the catacombs."  She thinks I am crazy, and I'm like I just need a reminder life is short.. I am in the process of doing this and multiple other things. It's funny going to stores to look at paint samples with a red led flashlight,Trying to find the effects I want..Also I am probably a little OCD I just want it to match my Red led desktop..I also bought a string of red led Christmas lights from deal extreme ($7) and a couple of 3M (like) self adhesive hooks. I then placed the hooks close to the four corners of the tv then strung the Led lights around them..So now I have red backlighting on my Tv for about $10..Next project is to put in a sound sensor so they can be reactive..I could continue about the placement of desk, desk couch and bed, and Tv (like Logan I don't require a living room) but it would be to hard trying to explain my room is not square or rectangle..I also may need to build a TV mount so I can move it from the North wall to the West wall and then the ceiling..This way I can watch The TEK and others shows laying down..

So, you want to design gaming room. Remember this, always keep the room relatively monochromatic to help it feel less cluttered as gaming room is always compact with all the entertainment stuff, so you will want the rest of space to feel quiet. Visit this site for further innovative ideas.


They both mentioned they like

The obviously need a jakoozi and a pinball machine.(for business affairs of course)