For Logan - $500 Gaming PC Update

Hi Logan!

It's been about seven months since you last posted your non-APU-based $500 Gaming PC video.

Since then, new hardware has been released, RAM prices have gone up, and new 955/965 CPUs are becoming more difficult to find.

That said, what would your updated non-APU-based $500 gaming PC build look like?

here is my try at it:


What do you think?

This might work a bit better in games.

Newegg has the FX-6300 for $119.99 and you get a $20 giftcard with purchase until 9/30.

Might as well have a FX-6300 and a 7850:

I know its breaking the rules but I'm sure you could bum $31.92 for your system to be slightly more future proof. I have 7950s in crossfire and they are awesome!

I appreciate the responses.

As of this post, Logan has recently released a $450 APU-based  KYC (Kill Your Console) build.  He stated that he would be making a $600 build, and I'm interested in what that will look like.

There one that is actually $500 before rebates and other junk

This is similar to what I had in mind.  With the 955/965 phasing out, I was looking for a worthy successor.  It appears that the 750k may be the answer.

However, I think that it would probably be worth pushing up to $600 to include the FX-6300, and I'm wondering if Logan's $600 build, if it does come out, would include it.