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For an X399 MB: Aorus, ATX Taichi or MSI Carbon?



Between these three board, with the following scenario

  • limited to an ATX case
  • 128 GB Ram 2933 14-14-14-34
  • 3 X 1TB NvME in Raid 0 Boot
  • Four 1TB M.2 SATA in Raid 0 on an ASROCK Quad M.2 Raid card
  • Modest Overclocking 4.0ish
  • 360 TR4 AIO

which of these motherboards would be the one you recommend? and much more importantly why?

I’ve been working with the AORUS and have found it difficult to work with (hadn’t built a system since the 486 era). I have the opportunity to switch to one of the other two, are they any better in the sense of setting up all these scenarios? and are they more reliable. I have two bad AORUS boards so far, one couldn’t recognize all of the memory, the second dead on arrival and finally the third one does not post with XMP enabled, the first did post with XMP just didn’t see all of the modules (XMP or not).

  • before you comment on Raid 0 Boot, I will have 8-10 GB Raid 5 HDD full back

Thanks for any advice


Well i´m personally not a huge fan Aorus / Gigabyte boards either.
Allthough build quality wise the higherend HEDT platform boards are pretty decent.
But its just theire bios that “could” be pretty wonky at times really.
Allthough its not allways the case though.
I believe that @wendell has a very good time with the X399 Designare board.

Wenn it comes to the Asrock X399 Taichi and Msi X399 Gaming pro carbon, are both pretty decent boards build quality wise.
Both boards have a decent vrm implementation.

more info on X399 board vrm here:

Which board i would recommend kinda depends on a few factors.
Mainlly the features that are important to you, the amount of connectivity opions you would need, and of course price .
You could compair the Msi X399 Gaming pro Carbon and Asrock X399 Taichi in terms of connectivity and features they have to offer.
In terms of vrm implementations both boards are really decent.
And the bios on Msi and Asrock are generally fine.
Allthough Asrock could improve on certain things in the bios too.
But thats just a matter of bios updates probablly.

You can’t really go wrong with either the Asrock X399 Taichi or the Msi X399 Gaming pro Carbon.
The Msi has a bit more features and connectivity options to offer.
But that also comes with a premium price tag.
The Asrock X399 Taichi is a price friendlly decent board with all the base features that a person would need.


if you can wait a few a more months i would buy the second generation x399 boards coming out for the threadripper 2 . they will have even more robust vrms to handle the ‘2’ and maybe the second revision will work out all the kinks of the first generation .

if you look at the various forums you will find issues with all the x399’s in some form or fashion and as of right now i dont think there is a solid recommendation for a x399 board .

with that said what i consider the most important aspect of the x399 is the bios

gigabyte has the latest bios july of 2018

asus bios is from may of 2018

msi and asrock are still languishing behind with a bios from late last year.

as for a personal experience

im using the msi x399 pro carbon waiting 6+ months for a decent bios. (sure they are newer ones but they all suffer from one issue or another regarding the clock or the m2 raid setup etc etc… )

also the msi x399 seems a bit flaky to me and i have sunk many hours into getting this board stable.

and when i called msi for support and asked questions for help they were largely ignored or unhelpfully answered . their support forum is a sham with overzealous mods who would rather chide you on your decisions rather than help you .
(also of note the msi forums is completely volunteer runned and has no offcial msi support what so ever)

so yeah i would wait

but if you your insistent then the [](threadripper Forum on ) is your best bet on gleaning out good information on what board to pick.


with the x399 memory is a real PITA to setup

this guide is a life saver in getting memory to work

so its possible that out of one of those auroas and some manual timing you may get workable machine.


as far as features are concerned i’m good with the Aorus even though it has fewer X 16 PCI-E slots, 2 versus 4 of the others. It overclocked easily enough but the memory was the PITA. I ordered replacement memory, listed as X399 compatible, if that works I will probably stick with Aorus as @chaos4u’s reply points out, the MSI and ASRock as seriously behind on BIOS updates, so that puts the Raid 0 boot into question. thanks for the reply


I waited a long time as it is. I’m already spoiled by the number of cores and memory to wait any longer ;). As a developer I now can run dozens of containers, effortlessly, to simulate different environment scenarios and as a photographer I can now, easily, open a 2.4 Billion Pixel 6.4 GB Large Format PSD and apply a process faster, mere secs rather, than just opening that file, sometimes 5 mins or more, on my prior rig, which itself was decently powerful, except it was limited to 32GB of RAM.

If the differences are big enough with the new MBs I’ll bite the bullet then.

Based on the lagging BIOS updates and potential problems with Raid 0 NvME Booting I will probably stick with the Aorus, if the replacement memory I ordered will solve the problem.

Thanks for the reply and the link to DRAM Calculator


Well memory overclocking on Threadripper 1 is kinda a pain on pretty much any board.
And is not a motherboard issue on its own.
It also has allot to do with the imc, which kinda sucks on Ryzen1 and TR1.
On Zen+ they really improved on the imc and its latencies.
And we can only hope that they achieved the same for Threadripper 2 sku´s.

I´m not sure how Asrock and Msi are scheduling their bios update releases atm.
But if you want the best bios then in my opinion Asus is where its at atm.
Still its a good idea to wait for the new revisions on X399 boards,
and see what those are upto.

Also as far as customer support is concerned, they pretty much all suck.

Remember that Threadriper is still a fairlly new platform,
that still has to mature allot.