For a 3-monitor experience

Hello there guys! I'm ordering all the parts of my pc, but i just saw a nice sold on Asus 24' monitors, and i decided to get 3 of those. So how many video cards will i need for that? 2 or 3-Way SLI/Crossfire? And wich cards would be recommended for this kind of set up?

Btw... if you're interested on grabbing a monitor yourself here are the links



Thank you and have a great day!

It depends on the resolution. What is the resolution? You don't need multiple GPUs for multiple monitors. You can have 1 GPU push 3 monitors. So, like I said, the recommendation depends on the resolution

The resolution is 1080p. As these are full HD monitors. 

You only technically need one card for this, but you will want one with at least 3GB of ram. (RAM does not stack, so getting two 2GB cards, or 3 1GB cards will not work)

I would go with two 7950s, for the best price/performance ratio. 

If you're running with a single card make sure you have 3GB+ in memory on the graphics card, it really does make a huge differense in larger resolutions. If you're running multiple cards, that's really no issue.

Now, to what card/cards, it all depends on your needs, what games you wanna play? What quality would you wanna play at? Are you wanting to play on ultra settings? For those high resolutions and high quality I would personally look into getting a pair of HD7970s, but that's up to you of course.

It is a really bad monitor for triple-monitor setup.

1. TN. Viewing angles are a way more significant issue in multi-monitor setup compared to single monitor.

2. No height adjustment or rotation. It's fine if you are going to use VESA mount but otherwise I would buy something that has stand with more adjustments.

I recommend this one:


You don't need several GPUs to run multiple monitors and even if you need to use an additional GPU, you don't need to have crossfire/sli. But it's better to make sure that your GPU has enough matching outputs for your monitors.

That isnt true, you can use One DVI and HDMI on one card, and DVI on the second card, and it works.

I was slightly mistaken, its Both DVI ports and HDMI on the same card.

Only for FLEX versions, though.

I think the question that needs to be asked is what are you doing with this computer?  Gaming?  If so, what games?  Rendering?  Media?  Editing?  etc.  You can run 3 monitors just fine off a relatively meager card.  I'm running 3x1920x1200 on a single unlocked HD6950.  The trouble comes in when you are trying to run something something intensive at that high resolution.  Far Cry 3 in eyefinity?  Kinda rough unless you drop the settings.  Less graphic intensive games or pretty much any other activity?  Not a problem.

So what you are going to be doing matters.

That's true, orices for 7950s have gone up because people bought all of the cheap ones.