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Foodbar2000 - Media Fetching - Artwork

Just wondering if anyone knows how to fetch artwork in Foobar2000.
Not fetch artwork on your computer, but like from external database sources, etc…

When I ripped a CD multiple times, it does not add the artwork to the files.

Are you ripping to MP3’s or .wav? If i remember currectly .wav’s can’t have metadata attached to them outside of linking them with a program like itunes and blaw blaw blaw.

Mp3’s generally you just have to have the image in the same folder as the music is in.

I don’t often use foobar, but i know that’s how it works in MPC, and WAMP and Windows Media Player.


I’m trying to bind it to the file itself.


What version of foobar are you using? I ask because I tend not to update things for years, and because foobar has server stuff for this type of thing? -

I don’t use foobar as my main audio player, however i never remember it auto-catching artwork you don’t have already.

I would recommend songbird for that, however it hasn’t been updated in forever so, poisons one must pick isn’t very good."

Edit 2 I edited the wrong post xD hahahahahahahaha

No, that’s actually a good point/question.
I personally try to be careful on which versions of foobar2000 to update to. Some times they’re missing previously working features and what not.

Never heard of that website before.
For non existent, go out and find/fetch, not already existing on self storage
Essentially like a a song that doesn’t have artwork, you have to go out and find the artwork, or use a service to go to and find a/the correct data base for you

What do you use if you don’t mind me asking.

PS- I don’t have a server PC