Foobar2000 selection display

hey ervyone whats up gamboys

I opened up foobar a few days back and noticed that when I selected an artist or album to listen to, it only highlighted the selection in my track list, rather than isolating the selection as it normally would. This creates a problem when I want to listen to an artist on shuffle, as it will randomly play songs from my entire library, rather than just the music I selected.

I do have a workaround of creating a new playlist with the music I want to listen to, but it's getting quite tedious and time-consuming. I tried uninstalling foobar along with all settings and re-installing, but it didn't help. I can't find the setting that fixes my problem for the life of me. Pictured is the problem I'm having, in case I didn't do a good job describing it.

Any foobar users out there that know what the problem is?