Foobar typical controls?

can i intergrate typical controls into foobar?

ie. space for pause and play

n for next track

m for mute

i find it hard to control it just by mouse, and can i make it so that it shows the pasue/play next previous buttons in preview in windows7?  like vlc or windows media

Im pretty sure you can bind these keys in the settings.

I use this for Windows 7 shell integration.

File > Preferences > Display > Keyboard Shortcuts

Then change them to your content.

I have them bound to next and previous track and play/pause. The only issue I have is some games take control over the keyboard it the hot keys don't respond. Which is odd because TeamSpeak hot keys work in all games. Just foobar seems to take a back seat, any idea how to fix it. I hate alt-tabbing just to change tracks.