Folk Metal / Viking Metal

I need some recommendations on good epic bands to check out. I know all the mainstream ones but need help digging a little deeper on this one.

i couldn't help with recommendations in this genre but you might be able to find stuff here

idk if u have the patience to go through a list and look up and listen to a bunch of bands.

i dont anymore.

i wish i could help more but i just wouldn't know whats good for the genre even if i heard it.. like this band

i listened to em and cant say if its good or not :/ lol

mainstream is lame...

wintersun is some of the best epic metal:


Vesania's newest cd is freaking awesome... called distractive killusions and it is kinda black and symphonic:


Equilibrium is good but too much keyboard for me


Folk Metal:

Eluveitie (my favorite folk metal)


Windir (they are black folk)


FinterForst (lots of accordion and jaw harp, kinda like a black metal finntroll)


MÃ¥negarm (these dudes make you want to drink mead and dance in the woods)


Subway To Sally (my favorite german band.. they are folk metal or rock, let 3 CD's good)


This CD by Subway to Sally is, IMO, the best rock CD ever made. called Engelskrieger:


Týr (they are rock... but they are just awesome)


Finntroll (you just have to hear them... start witht he CD "Nattfödd")


Black Folk Metal:

Bloodthorn (really heavy and all their cd's are pretty good)


DragonLord (actually more symphonic or epic black than folk black)


Black Viking Metal:

Enslaved Runn


Amon Amarth is pretty much a given if you like Viking... they have a new CD coming out soon...


Let me know if you want recommendations in specific genres, like black folk, or power folk metal, viking, epic metal, etc... I listen to it all... except mainstream stuff.

ehh im not a big fan of amon amarth, theyre jsut not viking metal to me, but idk.

Only two really folk bands i listen to are






Yea Amon Amarth is one of the best melodic death metal out there... You have to see them live

thanks for the recommendations but i've already heard of most of those bands... some of em played at paganfest.

when i meant mainstream i meant stuff like finntroll, korpiklaani, turisas, ensiferum, amon amarth etc.

i should have posted my collection when i started this topic:



well... if you like ensiferum, pick up wintersun asap!

for black... GET this now!

Elite: We Own the Mountains


Fimbultyr: Gryende Tidevarv is a great CD too

for the epic stuff..

kuias is good, they are Epic Power Metal... Ambehr's CD "Swond's Song" is really cool.

Asgaroth is reminiscent of Equilibrium... except they are symphonic black metal..

Axamenta has a good cd called "Ever-Arch-I-Tech-Ture"... it's symphonic death metal.

ChthoniC's CD "Seediq Bale" is great symphonic black metal...

You should like Kalmah... very good band

Galar is good viking metal...

Heidevolk is good... folk metal.

ahhh will check out those bands... i forgot to post another folder that has some of those bands... but thanks for the suggestions


In terms of Viking metal I recommend,




Blind Guardian





Theres hella good ones lol

Most of those are Epic on another level, Which i enjoy personally