[email protected] stable Nvidia Driver?

Hi all,
Does anyone know the latest stable Nvidia driver that works with [email protected]? When Battlefield 1 came out I was forced to update and since then the folding has not been working. I'm installing 370.70 at the moment to see if that solves the issue however Battlefield 1 wont work with the outdated driver.
Does anyone know if there is a driver that came out after the release of BF1 that works with [email protected]?

I'm running 373.06 right now on my 1070 and that's doing great. Have heard not-so-good stuff about the later ones, but never bothered trying those myself.

Those drivers are from June 10th, 2016 while BF1 apparently was from October that year.

I'm on 372.70, and it's been doing just fine with GTX 770. I'm not on this driver for any particular reason other than I haven't updated yet.

alright ill give them a go!

On the newest stable and no issues here, but it might very from card to card. what hardware you packing?

Also: what OS? I'm on linux, my experience may well not be applicable haha

hardware wise:
i7 4790 - not folding
2x GTX 980 G1

Im running in windows 8.1 pro however I would like to make the move to Gnome. (having issues installing nvidia drivers from the command line)

check out arch (or if CLI irritates/scares you) antergos. getting the latest drivers on them is easy peasy

Ill give arch a shot tommrow then!