Folder.jpeg in linux?

I have been making the move to linux ( serious noobie) lately but can't seem to solve one major issue. I have a massive collection of folders with folder.jpg pics in them and on Win7 I see the folders as images but under linux I see the folder as just a generic folder.

Is there a way to get linux to read these folder.jpeg files in my folders and display the folders as images like Win7 does for me?

Have searched everywhere and even written in a few other forums but have not recieved a response yet. If any of you know of a way to make this happen and or could point me in the right direction I would be grateful. Thanks

ps. I have been trying both Stock Debian and Linux Mint Debian Edition if that helps.

(solved) After a lot of research I managed to solve this issue. So for people using Linux and would like their cover art displayed instead of the default generic folder icons Linux shows this is how I managed to do it.

++++Disclaimer -Use this method at your own risk to your system+++++

---This worked for both Debian Squeeze and Linux Mint Debian Edition----

(Although it should work for other Distros but steps differ)

COVER THUMBNAILER PROGRAM(I did not make this program so all credit goes to the makers of this fine app)

HOW TO--(if on Debian or Linux Mint Debian)

1. go to your browser and go here-

2. Find the version of the .deb file that fits your system( depending on your Nautilus version-example for nautilus 3x you would click on the file labeled "cover-thumbnailer_0.8_all,deb".

3. You can download it to your system any where you can find it or you can just open it directly with the archive manager.

4. If you chose to download just extract here and click to open the extracted folder. Click on "install ssh"

and follow along. When package manager finishes exit and restart system. You can delete the file you downloaded now from your system as you no longer need it. DO NOT uninstall Cover-thumbnailer you just installed.

4A. If you opened with archive manager just click on "install ssh" and follow along as package manager does its thing. Close and reboot system.

5. upon rebooting you can find Cover Thumbnailer with menu/system-preferences-cover thumbnailer

6. you can alter settings to your preference but you don't have to as default is pretty good for most people.


This will show cover art for music,videos,pictures,etc. I have pics in every folder labeled folder.jpg and these are the pics that show up in Linux(now) and on Win7. Not sure if pics are needed but I have them so if you don't see pics instead of generic folder in linux try to add them.

By the way the pics show up better in Linux than in Win7.

Hope this helped if you were like me and struggling to find a fix for images as folder icons.

ps. I would like to send thanks out to the makers of this really helpful application.