FM2 or AM3+

Hello Everyone I am NerdDojo a new user on this fine forum and I have a question.

I am considering upgrading my current PC for some Mild Editing/Gaming I currently have a AMD A6 5400K 3.6 Dual Core APU. but I was wondering If Ishould upgrade to the new Richland Quad Core on Fm2 or should I scrap FM2 buy a new AM3+ Board and buy the Fx-8350 8 Core ?

Is the money I have saved so far worth the performance of the richland or should I save up more cash for the new board and CPU ?

If you are willing to wait loger, go for AM3+. Way more upgrade-ability options, and that 8-Core is a beefy chip. If you don't wanna wait, then FM2.

Thanks for the Reply I guess I will save up for the 8350 I want something that will perform but will last a few years without breaking the bank so that seems like my best option.

Neither, get FM2+ it's AMDs latest socket that hasn't been officially released but you can find some leaked boards for sale.  All the new AMD chips will be on FM2+(until they replace it with some new socket), that includes the FX series.

depends what you want and what you can spend, if you want to pay $400 minimum you could upgrade to something really nice, i think a a10 is somewhere between $100 and $150 depending on 5800k or 6800k, or for $180 minimum you could get a pretty good upgrade albeit slightly underpowered on the cpu side

fm2+ only goes up to quad core, you'll need rip my octa core out of my cold dead hands

i'd recommend the 8320 and a better cooler if its cheaper that way, then just overclock it to 8350 levels.

Not true, currently it only goes to quad but it's quite clear that they'll add the FX series soon enough.  They're making way too many high-end boards for them not to add an eight-core FX CPU on that socket. There's even rumors of an ROG board from ASUS that'll be FM2+

Where is this information, do you have anything that can back up your claim or is it just speculation because there are some higher end boards coming out for the FM2+ socket.

Yes I will be going with the AMD 8 core


when i checked about a week ago all the a88x boards for sale were saying supported max of quad core, this may be is board specific but i personally doubt it

As I see it, we have no real guarantee that AMD will release 6+ core FM2+ chips anytime soon.  I'm sure they will 'get there' eventually, but that might happen only with the next process shrink - not due for quite some time, AFAIK. Until then, I fear that AMD's APU mania will produce only chips with quad steamroller cores sharing die space with a bunch of unwanted GPU modules. (Any gamer worth his salt is going to add a dedicated GPU card, rendering the APU graphics rather useless.)  If AMD would instead use that wasted die space for 2 or even 4 more cores, then FM2+ would begin to make sense for a mid-range user.  Will AMD do this?  I'd like to think so, but at the moment I'm unwilling to bet my $ that it will happen soon.

The other quandary is the fate of AM3+.  WTF, AMD?  Will you be releasing 6 and 8 core Steamroller on AM#+ or not.  A simple "Yes, in early 2014" would do wonders for their fading AM3+ system sales.  C'mon, who wants to buy into an undead zombie platform?  "Hello, AMD.  Do you get it or not?"  

AMD seems so intent on pushing and hyping their frigging APUs that they are actively throwing away the entire middle-range user demographic.  I don't get it at all.


Anyone who does opt for FM2+ and plans to run a halfway respectable CPU had better check the Mobo specs and make sure it supports at least 100W chips.  A 125W capable power supply would be even better, allowing 6+ core and/or enthusiastic overclocking down the road.  I don't know if any such creature exists...

wow why would they forsake adopters of AM3+ like that? especially if they are gonna have 9000 series chips soon. -_- why would they go backwards and screw everyone over? especially with new 5.0 Ghz chips coming out and industry insiders already have these new am3+ chips out. There are already articles online about the 9000 series chips.