FM2+ build, what ya think?

So i finally managed to get something straight in my head and here is what I believe will be my definitive build:

For the CPU, an old but gold Athlon 750k I can afford for 66.60€ (that's quite scary)

For the GPU, I already got a GTX 560 ti 2GB from MSI for 100€ (used).

For the Motherboard, I was thinking about the ASUS A88XM-A microATX, can you tell me anything bad about this? It's cheap and it has a shitload of stuff IMHO, but is it decent enough for moderate overclocking?

For the case, the Fractal Design core 1000 looked quite nice to me.

The RAM, I already got 4GBs of Corsair 1600MHz vengeance memory, should I really get extra four for moderate gaming?

The PSU has got to be something decent, I was going to get the Corsair VS450 but I don't think that's 80+ rated...

for the storage, a Kingston 120GB SSD because it's fast and nice.

One last thing, quite OFF but is FM2+ so much cheaper? Seriously guys, the Athlon performs quite close to the FX-4300 yet costs fairly less, also motherboards in general seem to be cheaper too. Moreover, it you think about it, we now have Steamroller on FM2+ and it's more than likely that AMD is going to make 6+ cores APUs or CPUs (which I'd like best since iGPUs are not yet on par), plus it's a much younger socket so we should expect longer support from it.

I can tell you that you are going to really want the extra 4gb of RAM. It's fairly inexpensive compared to other components. ESPECIALLY if you like modding games, in which case more than 4GB is an absolute must.

I will most likely get them, thanks for the advice :)

Well I don't see AMD putting out anything higher than 4 core APUs on the FM2+ platform due to socket limits.

But who knows?

Try to pick up a Corsair CX430 if it's cheap.

Thanks for the advice man, would you mind enlighting me on the possible limitations of the FM2+ socket? I know it may be a bit off topic but I believe it would help people in their building projects since they would know better what to expect for the future...

I am curious about this too, what are the socket limits of FM2+? A link to an article would be more than welcome.

I don't really see any limitations of the FM2+ socket.  The A88x chipset is the highest FM2+ chipset as far as I know, and the FM2+ socket will allow for kaveri APUs, unlike the FM2 socket.

To be truthfully honest about more than 4 core Apu's, I can't see it happening anytime soon. There were rumors of a 8 core Apu that to be honest I really was hoping for but, I can't see it happening soon. The problems is fitting a Gpu Chip and a 8 Cpu cores on too 1 Apu, is not practical or really usable. The thermals on it would be insane. The wattage for the whole thing would have to be really high to power all the Cpu cores and the Gpu core.

And I don't think the little FM2+ socket can handle an 8 core APU either.

But what about 6/8 core CPUs on FM2+? I know Athlon II processors for FM2 are APUs without iGPU enabled but couldn't they just make a Steamroller based "Athlon II X6" CPU?

Amd is really trying to push there integrated graphics so I don't see that happening. Also Athlons were Apu's with failed graphics so Amd released them so they wouldn't be wasting the silicon. Plus Amd confirmed Fx is not dead so I'd bet they are bring the 6/8 cores to either a new socket, or AM3+. 

So unless they make 6 cores apus there won't be any 6 cores athlon CPUs, I see. Well, I expect at least one new Athlon to come out this year now that Steamroller is out and at least another one once Excavator is, so I guess even purely CPU upgrades are still possible right?

As far as the rumor mill, there is some saying that there will be an 8 core apu coming out in the near future.  Though i would prefer AMD just convert their Opterons 12 and 16 core which run quite well on TDP but i doubt that'll happen.  AMD has something in store, they did say that AM3+ isn't dead yet, so we might see one more iteration from that side which means maybe there might be 8 cores coming out,  Seems a little unfair that the consoles got an 8 core apu but that might be signs that they're working on something even better. Especially with HSA on the rise, which means you may use the GPU cores for compute processes.  Ultimately a GPU means it's close to working like a regular CPU.

Anyway, I ended up leaning more towards the ASRock FM2A88X Extreme6+ for the motherboard: Full ATX features and 8+2 phase for a stable overclocking over the 3+2 of the Asus. It also costs a bit more but I think that's worth it!

Good choice. As rock makes some great overclocking boards :)

Plus that little quad core Athlon (if lucky) can go up to 4.5GHz on air and 4.8GHz on liquid, that's up to 40% more performance!