Fluctuating power warnings

To start with, I'm only posting this in Motherboards because it is the motherboard that is giving me the warnings. It may be my power supply, but I'll jump over there if I need to.

Ok, I have an Asus Maximus V Formula powered by a Corsair HX 850. I keep getting power warning boxes in the lower right hand corner of my primary monitor. Some examples:

+3V - 2.216V

+12V - 0.000V

VCore - 2.201V

The computer never shuts down and when I go look at AI Suite, all of the voltages appear normal enough. I don't have any screenshots, but I'll try to grab them when they appear. Does anyone have any troubleshooting advice or hardware monitoring programs they would recommend for this? Should I look into stress testing to see what happens then?

AI suite, loads of issues. Dont take any notice of the warnings - apparently my cpu was 125c sometimes and I have it watercooled. Yeah, its not the best.

OCCT, HWMonitor, coretemp, cpu-z, gpu-z, msi afterburner. Will give a better indication.

Thanks! That definitely makes me feel a little better. I'll look into getting those installed and learning how to use them all. Would you recommend disabling AI Suite?


what program is giving your the power warnings? AI suite?

Set your fans up then disable everything else (thats all AI suite is good for) personaly i use hwinfo64 i find it to be the best most accurate info on my system hardware allso you can use it in conjunction with MSI afterburner to display anything about your computer in game.