Flow.. good or bad?

Hey guys! What do you think about this little piece of.. gadget? https://www.indiegogo.com/projects/flow-an-intuitive-precise-wireless-controller#home . I think it looks pretty neat but I wont buy it unless I can try it out. I can see myself using it for raw photo editing, and GIMPing. I dont think that it will make me get rid of a mouse... I see it more as a supplementary input device. What are you thoughts?

They make similar devices already. I'm wicked tired right now so I can't remember the name, but I know a lot of engineers use them for their models (I job shadowed somebody who used one a while ago).

Oh wait, it's a Space Navigator. Pretty cool little things.


Yup, these exist already. To me this looks like the 9001th attempt to "crowdfund" a device that is not new through a hipster slick video and slick talk. Probably to then disappear into the nothing and leave the backers to wonder what happened with their money. 

Really the only time I see these types of devices being useful is in 3D modeling. For a more "controlled" navigation.


These devices are almost always worse then conventional input devices.