FLOW: DARPA and what do you do to get into a 'Flow State'

Hi Wendell, hi Logan and hi TekSyndicate Community

I recently learned that this amazing feeling that you get when you are 110% focused is called 'flow' (I am sure it also has other names). It is defined as a mental state which allows you to remain super alert, capable of identifying complex patterns, forget time and generally perform better due to an increased level of neural activity. I it is the direct opposite of brain fog. When I was younger (elementary school), I used to be able to just switch this 'flow' state on. I am in my late twenties now and find that I increasingly require caffeine to get there, but when I do its amazing (mostly when I do coding work).

I recently watched Wendell's Arch Linux video and saw how focused you (dear Wendell) were. I also noticed Logan's L-Theanine video, which I think was great as the twitchy feeling I used to get sometimes prevented me from getting into the flow state (cheers).

So here my question: What do you find works for you when you want to get into this flow state? Do you have any specific things you seek/ avoid (calm vs music, coffee vs tea vs beer), or do you have specific tasks which make it easier for you to get into a flow state?

Also wondering whether you had any interesting reading materials you Logan or you Wendell or the readers of this post may have come across in the past?

Would be interesting to maybe even see a video in the Lifestyle channel about it if you had some interesting insight :).


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Interestingly, I just found out that DARPA seems to have a pretty interesting technique to answer my question. It's called TDCS: