Floppy drive on fairly recent pc (just for the power up sound)

im removing the useless bays in my gaming rig. so i was thinking about my old pc from when i was younger
are there any floppy drives i could still find that would work ?? i don’t want it really for use i want it do give me the old floppy drive sound. i kinda miss the sound it gave when u hit the power button and would love to replicate the sound when i hit the power button.

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I also loved that sound. That and the HDD sound of my old Bigfoot.

Regarding your question tho, you could find ones in working order off of eBay, just get one from a reputable seller and one that says that it works in the ad. You could always ask the seller whether or not it would work ( or just power up ) if the ad does not say. If not eBay then maybe a thrift shop.

it’s spring cleaning season now (kinda, at least where I’m at), look around and see if there are any garage sales selling old computers with FDDs still in them. Might get lucky.

Or if you cannot fine one, unlikely, you might be able to embark on a project to hook up a separate thing to the power button that has a few random floppy disc drive noises in it and have it play one at button press.

internal or external? usb or the ol ribbon cable? 5.25 or diskette?
There are tons of them
I am sure someone has a .wav file you can set to play on startup even.

Didn’t Floppy drives require a different power connector? Not sure the last time a saw a power supply with anything older than molex
[Edit: I could be thinking of the ribbon style cable for data, which I guess wouldn’t be needed just for the OP’s use as decoration]

Floppy’s used 4 pin molex connectors, and a ribbon cable that was twisted.

I am building a 1970’s Pimpmobile case mod.
I modded the floppy drive so the On button is pressed when you stick in a floppy disk.
That way it looks like the PC boots from floppy.

I have also seen someone modded a floppy disk and drive to hold an sdcard for storage.
That’s pretty cool too.

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You wouldn’t need to worry about actually connecting it to the motherboard, all you’d need is to find an old floppy drive and hook power up to it. That noise is part of the power on self test and will happen when it is powered whether its connected to an actual pc or not.

If your PSU doesn’t have a floppy power connector I’m sure you could find an adapter pretty easy.


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