Floatplane Media?

If you’ve been living a rock you may not have heard of Youtube’s Ad-pocalypse but the short story is that it is becoming harder to make a living relying solely on Youtube’s adsense revenue.

I know youtube likes it’s drama but damn!

Some people are already taking action.

But Patreon isn’t for everyone and may want something more tangible for their money.
Enter Floatplane Media, since the death of Vessel their have been whispers and an alpha(?) of floatplane club, LMG’s paid early access platform for content.

###But there has been an update, they are Hiring!

They have spilled the beans and developing a platform for content delivery not just for them (LMG) but for other creators as well! So they are on the path to decoupling from youtube’s adsense and general shady youtube practices, great right?

So I’m going to take a stroll down memory lane real quick, remember when you first started surfing the web and had all your favorite sites to watch or read different things? Now we’ve seen a massive consolidation all converging on youtube and now we see the cracks. Advertisers are spooked the people calling the shots at youtube are taking a fucking hatchet to the problem (if there is one) to appease advertisers.

How about when there was a scare about youtube cracking down on integrated prerolls, one of Linus’ specialties. It has become increasingly clear that youtube only has securing it’s profits in mind.

###4/21 WAN Show goes here EDIT: it’s here!

Linus and Luke go into great detail about what Floatplane Media is supposed to be, will add it once it’s on youtube.


You’ve made it to the end of this rambling and disorderly post!

  • What are your thoughts on this as a youtube alternative/ supplement? join me!
  • Want to talk about the technical side of delivering high quality content? I know nothing of the technical side, please enlighten me!
  • Want to bash Linus as [Insert corp. here] shill? Go somewhere else, seriously.

With all the goings on with youtube and content creators losing money I hope this is a success and benefits both creators and viewers alike.

Shameless @wendell, would you host videos on Floatplane Media as it stands as a concept or do you plead the 5th?


Interesting. I'm gonna monitor the shit out of this.


Same here, I'm not betting the farm just yet.

I am interested in the platform because i dont trust youtube all that much as a platform to live on. Great for free content but not for a living.

Im more interested whether @wendell will host any content there and if there will be a free option


waiting for the WAN to be live on youtube but Linus and Luke go into detail about how they eventually want it to be setup however the creator wants, like how Rooster Teeth is 4hrs early, the creator can do anything from early delivery (any time frame) to exclusive content.


im meh on the exclusive content thing. great way to attract people but might ruin it for me if its paid only

I dont mind the early content though as i will see it eventually


yeah, me neither but what sounds really cool is the openness on the creators side to monetize their content however they want.

They also mentioned no YT like Discovery tools, so no algorithm to bury you videos since it is up to the creator to promote themselves.

i would like a trending tab or something along the lines to find new content creators that i can search for by content type

I'm sure there will be some way to browse, for now its still attached to the LTT forum

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Do the math. Figure up how many minutes watched a popular channel is per month. Then assume you need to deliver a 3 megabit stream on average for each of those minutes. Then go to Amazon and figure up the S3 bandwidth cost.

Someone want to do the math on that for me real quick? :smiley:

I'm guessing it is a lot, as a replacement for youtube it is dead in the water, sunken even.

This is the dude that attempted to light his server room on fire to prove a point. I think he will have bandwidth covered =P

They mention the initial pilot being invite only, maybe one of those might go your way @wendell, but I think that is quite a ways off at this time.

I really have no idea what it would take to have a Vessel style content delivery system but I want to know!!!!!!


Worth doing the math tho. The number is probably large.


EDITED - my math was missing a zero

Lets say 12 mb/s + w/ audio. Youtube does 8mb/s @ 1080 30p.
Lets round up, to 20 mb/s

1.2 GB per hour

With Amazon s3, we're talking .023 per gb - thats roughly
0.0276 per hour + hosting infrastructure

4k is ~ 4x that


but what if you bump that up to 4K?

Probably 4x

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I was missing a couple zeros... Check it again

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Let's say a channel like ours gets 10 million minutes a month view time. And assume not everyone is in 1080p . Assume 40% bandwidth values.

What's the cost for 10million watch minutes a month?

lets keep it 1080P, because math.

.02 GB per min
200000 GB or 195 TB

Amazon's rate goes down, after 50, 450, 500 TB
so you're not even at the highest bandwidth rate they offer publically. If there were multiple channels, it would probably get there.

.022 per GB, or $4400