Flippy the robot

Robots are now coming for you flipping burger jobs!!!

Burger-flipping robot begins first shift

Flippy, a burger-flipping robot, has begun work at a restaurant in Pasadena, Los Angeles.


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Neato. I want the deets on the robot. Curious if it uses thermal imaging or times flips based on weight or…

The statistics would be a fun read, number of burgers a year vs labor spent vs cost of robot + maintenance.

in b4 basic income argument lock

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From what I understand it uses time and thermal only time it could weight is the cooker plate was redesigned

My thinking with statics would that it must reduce food waste and it can work longer and harder than human - also it never late or off sick - unless it has a breakdown or OS crash but these type of robots in car manufacturing can go years and years without issues.

Where I worked we had a £200,000.00 pharmacy robot in 2 years it paid for itself just from better stock management of drugs - none going missing, being thrown away due to being out of date etc etc

plus it freed up pharmacy staff to do other work


There been an update flippy been fired because it’s too slow vs a human!!!