Flight Simulator X Budget pc

Hey guys and gals 

              I'm building a PC for my air force cadets squadron and iv'e been put in charge of putting a PC together to run flight simulator x and I've got a budget of $500 AUD and i need to get it shipped to us, i'm putting it together, i don't need a PSU with it i've got most of the build together but i'm not sure what CPU to use. so if any of you know much about fsx. Also i live in Australia so please no newegg links Thanks

Any and all help is much appreciated annd much thanks in advance


(Heres the current list of parts i've got)


You've chosen an APU and a dedicated graphics card, which is something you don't want to do. An APU operates as both a graphics accelerator and as a processor. You either want to buy a CPU + GPU, or an APU without a GPU. I'm not an experienced builder so I'm not going to recommend you any parts, but definitely wait for some of the forum users to chip in ideas before you order anything. 

I play Flight sim X.... I can tell you this, th graphics can be put down, but the simulator calculates weather, wind, stall, avionics etc... on the cpu, my fx 6100 runs all 6 cores on the simulator and get an average of 35 and min of 20, that's ok for a simulator, so if you could get a fx-6300 and a dedicated gpu ypou'll be better, but a bit over the budget 

Hey anibalbarca thanks for the advice i changed out the cpu and it should be alright and i also changed the ram to some g-skill dual stick (2x2) and that should be alright thanks for the help just wanted some one else to check the setup and thanks for the help it should be all good 

Thanks guys for all the help

hope it really does for you, let us know if it's worth!