Flatscreen TV's

Am I the only one, that thinks LCD and Plasma Tv's have shitty picture quality, compared to the old TV's. I'm on the look for a new tv, to replace my old. But the thing is, that my old tv has way better picture! and i have a theory, that a 32" 1080p LCD tv is better than a 40" 1080p LCD Tv, because they have the same amount of pixels, but the bigger tv has a bigger surface, which means that the pixels will get more separated than on the 32". Which means that the picture on the 32" would be better. Just my theory. Anyone Agrees ?

I do not agree on either of them.
Old tv's are shitty. Have you ever seen FUllHD on a good lcd/plasma? Its cash.
we got a sweeeeet ass Samsung 52" full Hd lcd tv downstairs, and it looks 10 times better than our 42" full hd lcd tv.

Yes I have, but is only looks good, if you play a BluRay. I was watching football on an LCD over at my freinds house, couldn't see the ball. So if you want something that looks just half decent, you have to pay for , BluRay, TV and HD kabel tv, which is gonna cost you ALOT! Were as with the old ones, they all looked great, and were cheaper, and you didn't need to buy all those things. Although i will say that games look ALOT better on LCD and Plasma