Flatbed Scanner Cleaning Tips?

So I'm this close to starting my digital image/negative scanning project and the only things I've yet to get are the PEC-12 solution and a flatbed scanner kit. I've yet to decide on the latter, but when I have is there anything I should know about the how-to for cleaning the glass? Most 'instructions' boil down to the same way/tools you clean a modern TV/Monitor, but then you've got tons of "oh it's just glass, use windex" and it makes me *headdesk*. I realize it's just normal glass, but for detailed image scanning there can not be ANY spotting, streaking, tinting, or hazing of the glass. I'm tempted just to use the PEC-12 cleaner that is for the negatives/prints, but it's expensive.


Product wise, I've found the PEC-12 in 4oz or 32oz containers and One scanner kit on AMZ, but it doesn't really come with the brush.