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Flatbed Case Recommendations (Not Server Cases)

Looking at cases for my new PC build coming up here soon. I’d like a flatbed case, but not what you think. I’m thinking like the HAF XB EVO or the HAF Stacker. I just don’t know whats out there and there isn’t an easy way to just have them listed on ebay.

So, if you have a case like this, what do you recommend?

Needs to: be atx or matx (atx preferred)
Have at least 1 HDD (3.5) drive cage… somewhere
Needs to have room for H110i v2
If possible to not have windows that would be amazing

My computers are work horses, not showroom pieces.

If you have a HAF Stacker XB I will buy it from you immediately

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What are your end goals? Do you need ATX or mATX or ITX or what? How many drives how many 5.25 slots etc? Budget?

You see, people keep booing Thermaltake and yelling and screaming… But Thermaltake are your go to in this situation…
Core V21

Level 20VT

If you can still find it Core X5
It’s larger brother Core X9

Level 20XT

Budget is 300 or less, I need atxor matx, I can honestly make my own drive mounts but if theres room for at least one normal sized HDD thats all I’d need honestly.

Sorry, half awake this morning.

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Lol I never boo’d them. Do those come with metal sides?

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The level 20s are all glass, while the rest I think have 1 window and the rest is mesh…

Let me rephrase that, can the be ordered without glass or windows?

Hang on let me edit OP

I do not think so… I do not know honestly… most of those are cubes to the point you can literally swap the panels, but I don’t know if they allow special order of windowless cases…

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Yeah I stack my machines and things are likely to get heavy on top and break

Not that a mac pro is going to go on top of it or anything


Corsair Carbide Series Air 540
Lay its on its side?

Kind of ruins the point of a flatbed case imo.

Its designed to do that if i remember correctly (Friend had one) (like the logo turns for that reason)

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Well I want a flatbed because I want as little wear and tear as possible on the machine. Means 0 weight in any direction except down on the pcie bracket, etc.

Another option that might be cool is using extruded alu and make you own. (not sure if you want fancy sides or not

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I could, but then I’m likely to keep adding features XD

Also no idea how to do that.

Pretty sure there are some machine shops that could help you with that, just a matter of price really.

On another note: have you looked at mining rigs/frames? Those are literally made to stack in storage rooms.

I see the NeXT Cube never really died. It just changed architectures.


Also, you know you want this:


I ain’t no pussy

Maybe? Might ask around.