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Flashing ASUS Nvidia MINING-P104-4G to Unlock 8GB GDDR5X and PCI Express 3.0

I got my hands on a new ASUS Nvidia MINING-P104-4G graphics card for cheap ($100). It appears that it’s possible to flash the card to enable all 8GB GDDR5X and potentially PCI Express 3.0 since it’s all disabled in BIOS only. It even has display outputs on the back behind the backplate for HDMI and DisplayPort, effectively turning it into a 1070/1080.

Has anyone successfully flashed their ASUS Nvidia MINING-P104-4G to enable 8GB GDDR5X, PCI Express 3.0 and video output?

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Firstly I dont think you can “unlock” 8gb memory as there is only 4GB on the PCB. Unless someon would prove me wrong :slight_smile:
Secondly, I definately can see the posibility of flashing other bios. For display outputs I do not believe it has all the appropriate electronics to pass on outputs. For that you would need to use another card. That can cause some issues (saying from experience) for some games. Honestly, I would still love to try to do that! :slight_smile:

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Hi, It actually has 8GB GDDR5X and wired up video output connectors (just hidden behind the backplate) on the PCB.

It’s all just disabled in the video BIOS.

I am slightly sceptical of it (sorry). Does anyone have it and can confirm it OR take a picture of it with heatsink off? :slight_smile:

Not my picture, but mine looks the same with the heatsink off.

Those are 8x Micron D9VRL (1GB) chips, and the video output ports hidden behind the backplate.

After some digging found bios for Gigabyte, that one is unlocking 8GB. Personally I havent tried cross vendor BIOS’es. Where I found it is nothing mentioned of video outputs. Just take backpane off and try I’d say :slight_smile: Also, the person who tried this BIOS says he tried on PALIT version and it was power throttling after some time. I’d say save orriginal bios and try :slight_smile:
FYI to flash it use nvflash (at least it was used there).

Bare in mind it is up to your own risk.

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