Flashing a motherboard with a HP bios

Ok i don’t know if this is safe to post here but looks like the only place i have found that someone might be able to help me with what I am doing or trying to do.

I am trying to flash a custom motherboard or one you purchase and you can flash how ever you want.

I love Im Omen/Voodoo brand of computers. I have always loved there designes and everything. But since they are made from a company they are limited for Longevity. So what I want to do is make a motherboard into a omen. So that it will recognize omen gaming hub and everything. Mainly for the the gaming hub.

Our if there is a way to use the hub with av custom built and it would show the vitals of the machine etc.

Thank you and if not the right place please show the right direction. Thank you

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BIOS modding isn’t approved on many forums, ASUS, MSI and Gigabyte have better system monitoring tools which can be scripted to output that system monitoring info into your own “custom app” or multi-line LCD display panel.

HP uses custom boards along with custom I/O on many of their desktops, temp sensors on many of their desktops are quite basic and borderline on useless for thermal data beyond the CPU–even Dell/Alienware system tools borderline on being inaccurate. Often you’ll find pre-fab PC owners opting to use programs like CPU-Z for processor temp monitoring.

Not sure if you mean their search for a place for it or not, but it is not specifically frowned upon here. There is the z77 NVMe BIOS editing thread.

I am not familiar with HP Omen stuff or their HUB, but this seems like a fantastic amount of effort and hassle for system monitoring. I would expect to at maximum have a half working solution with signicant problems relating to normal PC hardware as a consequence of the modified bios, at minimum a waste of money when none of it works.

It may be possible but I certainly do not have the knowledge to say one way or the other.

Editing to get NVMe support on a motherboard isn’t trying to mod the BIOS to run another OEM’s custom software.
HP Omen stuff is tied to the motherboard type and some other identifiers, you’d need to reverse engineer drivers and OEM boards typically only support two types of system fan modes from the “normal” balanced setting(cool & quiet–which caps the core boost/turbo mode to a specific fan speed and performance). The average consumer board even the lowest Intel non-gaming motherboard(B-series) can sometimes support advanced fan curves and user adjustable thermal options.

I’d agree it would require more effort/hassle when the end-user could DIY a solution of pulling data from their own motherboards’ system monitor tools API. Back in the “old days” of the race to the 1Ghz, people were using MSI’s system monitoring API to output data into a docked Palm Pilot and later Windows CE/Windows Mobile 2002 :grinning:

That sounds like the most horrific thing I can imagine.

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