Flash Ubee Router

Hello guys, i was wondering if it was possible to flash a third party ROM into the Ubee DDW3611. I am practically a newbie, and was wondering how to do so if it's possible. Thanks in advance.

I haven't actually tried this myself, but google "DD-WRT" and look in the "router database" on their site. Punch in the routers model # and see if they have a page for it. If you want to learn about how the stuff works, I HIGHLY recommend getting a little cheap Mini ITX embedded motherboard and throwing pfSense on it. That has taught me more than anything else, simply because I can try things.

Ah I didn't know you had a combination cable modem and router. I'm guessing that your ISP gave that to you when you signed up. You most likely won't be able to flash a third party ROM on there, your ISP probably has it locked down tight. What you CAN do is set it to "bridge mode" where it acts simply as a cable modem, and then run another router (again, I recommend pfSense on an old PC, although you can use any router you want) in tandem with it. That's the traditional way of doing it.

ISP line>cable modem>router

My ISP (Mediacom) just gave me a cable modem, I had to provide my own router, so I have no experience with the combination boxes. Let me know if I can help any other way though.

Thank you very much, i was just trying to see if i could do a cool project with this little router. but thanks for your time. :]

No problem, happy to help. Also this is off topic, but do you think it would be fun if TekSyndicate had community Half Life 2 Death match games? It doesn't take much power to play that game so almost anyone could play it. Its also light on the server side.

Depending on what you are trying to do, there are 3 passwords that access the AIO:

1. Tech password that is used to configure company based settings/static I.P.s

2. Admin password that gives you main access to features

3. Basic user password just for logging in, will not do the same as the admin.

Depending on your ISP they can give you the password for admin, but tech is out of the question.