Flash Deprecation

I don't know how many in the community are fans, but I just watched the latest cartoon which references Firefox's blocking of all Flash objects: http://www.homestarrunner.com/flashisdead.html
I would be sad if one day I could no longer watch their back catalog of toons. It made me wonder about Adobe Flash's utility and ubiquity in the coming years. Could it be gone and replaced in the next few years? There have been plenty of people wanting Flash to die for a variety of reasons and prognosticating its ultimate deprecation.

HTML5 video has almost entirely replaced Flash for video with only a few exceptions. For a while I was thinking Unity would take over most browser-based games, but Chrome deprecated the plugin system they were using a month ago. I think Google wants WebGL to be the standard for browser-based games and animation.

I don't know much about webpage development. So I'm just wondering if anyone has some insight on what will/could ultimately replace Flash for animation and games on the web? Is there some other use case that I missed? Can these technologies replace Flash today (or at least in the very near future)?

I completely uninstalled and stopped using flash player as of a few months ago. It has actually been quite rare for me to run into a site or a part of a site that I realize is not working due to not having flash player. They were all minor things that I could ignore.

I don't use it. It's a huge security and privacy risk. All of the video sites I use support HTML5 video.

I've stopped using Flash and Java for a while. The only piece of software I have on my computer that has Flash in it is Google Chrome. I've had a ton of problems with Flash crashing my web browsers and the security concerns in conjunction with that make me avoid it like the plague.

From my experience HTML5 is a great replacement for video content and minor interactive elements on webpages; however WebGL is amazing for games. I use Unity and am so glad that they support WebGL, even if it is still a preview. In my experience WebGL and HTML5 have been more stable than Flash. Although Flash is a more mature it looks like WebGL and HTML5 are catching up to it very fast.

I guess it's on other people's minds as well as of late: http://www.engadget.com/2015/08/20/the-agonizingly-slow-decline-of-adobe-flash-player/ The article mostly focuses on the audio/video side of things and how there are a lot of broadcasters websites still using Flash video rather than HTML5. I'm seeing in the sites (that I frequent at least) a slow, but steady move toward HTML5 for video or at least a plan to move to it. However I'm not seeing a definite move towards WebGL (or any other potential Flash replacement) for other uses of Flash.

Flash is hard to get away from. I was just checking the weather forecast and had Flash crash on me today. It was surprising to me too because the website looked like it had recently been updated with some sleek, minimalist design, but apparently it was still using Flash to be able to show some fancy animated weather vane and an hourly temperature forecast graph.

This is the thing that I'm wondering about. I'm still seeing Flash in newly-designed sites and games. Where/what is the replacement for it? Is WebGL the future, but websites don't have the tools to make it easy to do WebGL. Do we just have to wait for a while til WebGL is the default taught in schools? Thoughts?