Flac to mp3

can anyone recommend a flac to mp3 converter? Thanks

did you try any video converter? it is free

No I haven't. I will give it a look. Thanks

no prob

I prefer the nero converter in conjunction with foobar2000. It's easier than it sounds. First you need these things:

 I highly recommend using mp4/ aac files. They sound way better. I also really like the nero aac encoder. 

Now, you need to install foobar. After that, open it and import your music. You can add music by dragging and dropping the songs into foobar or by going to flie/open.

Now let's minimize foobar and do something with the encoders. You need to open the zip files and extract them into a folder. You can just drop them on the desktop for now in a folder called "neroaac" or "LAME" if you want.  

Now, we go back to Foobar. Right click on the file you want to convert and click "convert" from the contextual menu. 

After this you need to do a few things:

  1. click on "output format" in the top right
  2. you should see a list of things. I prefer aac (Nero)... if you want mp3, select LAME.
  3. If there are no output file formats there you can click "add new"
  4. Select the one you want to use and click back.
  5. You will see a "destination" link. By default, this will prompt you after you click convert. You can set this ahead of time if you want. 
  6. You can add processing if you want but I do not recommend it in most cases. 
  7. Click "convert" at the bottom. 
  8. The converter might ask you where LAME or Nero-AAC are. You can simply navigate to the folder you dropped them in and select the .bat file for LAME and the exe file for nero. If you are using nero, make sure you click on the encoder, not the decoder. 

That sounds confusing but I was mainly trying to point you in the right direction... Also, get hooked on Foobar2000 and thank me later. 

Use Hamster Video Converter, it's free and it's almost every format.

Thanks everyone and especially Logan for the detailed walkthrougth.

Mediamonkey Pro (or gold version, whatever), does this very neatly.