FLAC Player?

Does such a thing exist? A device, like an mp3 player that can handle FLAC files.

"Native support for FLAC was added to the Android operating system starting from the 3.1 'Honeycomb' update. The feature came about after much public discussion on Android's Google Code development site." Direct quote from Wikipedia (Might not be true). But I believe that Android devises that are up-to-date can play FLAC, Correct me if I'm wrong, but that's what I found.

Something like this?


Yes, something like that. I was simply wondering if any company had gone about making such a device yet.

Yeah I never even thought about it until you asked..

Damn those are expensive. I might go about attempting to make my own FLAC player using a raspberry pi.

You may as well find a good android phone. They have FLAC support built in.

look at hifi man products

Sansa Clip+ supports FLAC (and also OGG) out of box, and plays pretty much everything if you install Rockbox on it. It also very cheap and has audio quality on par with iPods. 

Wouldn't cheap hardware and FLAC be a bit of a waste anyway?

You understand not my plans.

An android phone will not have good enough audio quality to merit putting FLAC files on it.

Rockbox a clip if you want something cheap. Other than that, you could search for dap (digital audio player) on head-fi.org and see what comes up. For the most part though, players taht can play mp3 can play flac. You would need some decent hardware to be able to appreciate the difference though.

Feel free to enlighten.

I was going to attempt to add some higher quality audio hardware to it, perhaps in the form of a USB sound card, in an attempt to make it actually worth it playing FLAC files on such a device over MP3 files.