FL Studio Songs

Hello people. Back in 2006 a couple buddies and I created some songs on FL Studio 7 (I do believe) and we called ourselves Origin of Ruin. Here is my catchiest song...It's entitled "Nothing". I can post some of the other songs we created if you guys are interested.

My buddy Myke is actually really good with FL Studio...I wish he'd continue making music like he used to. His little project is called thoughtshape. Please forgive me...these songs are still on Myspace (take a step back in time).

Anyway, I am interested to hear some music that other people have made on FL Studio (or some other program). Please be nice...I'm not claiming to be a musical genius, just a guy who enjoys music and dinking around on the computer. 


Back in the day I used to compose on FL Studio. I don't want to use the term moved on but I transitioned to orchestral music for symphony. I don't have any of the files any more otherwise I'd post but I used to compose orchestral synth rock pieces on FL. All I did was move to a real orchestra and my genre changed slightly. All I will say is, keep on composing because its the greatest feeling in the world.